Beats A Cold Wall BtsSource: Beats by Dre

What you need to know

  • Beats has posted a behind the design look at its latest limited-edition headphones.
  • The A-Cold-Wall* Studio3 headphones will drop on Monday, October 18 at 9:00 AM PST.

Ahead of their launch, Apple has posted a new behind the design look at the design for Beats' new limited-edition A-COLD-WALL* Studio3 headphones.

You can watch the new video below:

Samuel Ross, who collaborated with Beats by Dre on the product, says that new printmaking techniques were developed to provide a sensory experience with the headphones and their packaging.

"The focus of our Beats A-COLD-WALL* collaboration was to convey a universal material language that is both sensitive and recognizable to all, ensuring a minimalistic sensibility carried through the process.

I wanted to produce a product language suitable for everyday use. Precision and specificity became unspoken rules throughout the process, from product to packaging. New printmaking techniques were developed with Beats to offer a two-tone patina composed of slate greys and washed chalks. The semblance of both, offer a textured hand-touch that reflects the sensation of the hand engaging with raw minerals and manufactured materials - the sensory experience had to exist across physical touch alongside acoustic.

Building a literal link between environment, inspiration, material and function enabled us to project shared, hyper local, hyper global influences as a keystone for a universal community. By this I mean through the cinematography, the shifting of environments and location - the catalyst of music playing a major role in transporting a listener, or transforming a physical environment."

A Cold Wall Beats StudioSource: Apple TV+

Apple originally announced the new special edition headphones in September with them popping up quietly on the company's online store.

A-Cold-Wall* presented by Samuel Ross in partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre introduces the ACW* | Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone with Active Noise Cancelling for an immersive sound experience.

This collaboration infuses the iconic Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone silhouette with a slate color palette featuring a speckled cement application that covers both the headphones and ear cushions. The ACW* bracket logo and onyx stroke run down each side with a clay color inner band to give the headphone contrast and graphic sophistication.

Mindful of our environmental impact, Beats Studio3 packaging is designed with wood fiber that is either recycled or sourced from responsibly managed forests. The exterior box and elegant, debossed band are constructed with recycled fiber content to promote resource conservation while making the entire experience feel deeply considered.

The A-COLD-WALL*'s cement-textured Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones will officially drop on Monday, October 18 at 9:00 AM PST.

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