Go inside the iPod with stunning CT scans and creator Tony Fadell

Ipod Scan
Ipod Scan (Image credit: Scan of the month)

Apple Ipod End Of Life Ipod First Generation

Apple Ipod End Of Life Ipod First Generation (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • This month Apple retired the iPod.
  • New CT scans reveal a never-before-seen inside look at the earliest devices.
  • Scan of the Month has a breakdown with the creator of the iPod Tony Fadell.

A new series of CT scans reveal a never-before-seen look inside the iPod thanks to Scan of the Month.

SOTM posted its May scans this week and said:

The iPod was a groundbreaking piece of consumer electronics. With new generations introduced every year after its launch in 2001, the iPod product family reflected a period of rapid development in processing, storage, displays, and user interfaces, anticipating the iPhone's blockbuster release in 2007.This month we explore the evolution of the iPod from the inside out with our Lumafield Neptune CT scanner, guided by none other than Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod and the founder of Nest.

The images reveal an inside look at the first iPod Classic, revealing its 5GB Toshiba HDD. The scans reveal lots of room for optimization because it was only put together in around eight months. Compared to scans of the 6th generation classic, you can see improvements in the size and integration of the HDD, improved shock-absorbing bumpers, the improved click wheel, and more.

The team also looked inside the iPod Nano, scanning to reveal the issues behind early reliability problems caused by people sitting on their iPods and breaking up solder connections. Fadell, for his part, lamented that the design team didn't have such tools to scan the iPod back in the early days, stating "we would not have panicked as much."

You can see the report and watch Fadell's interview here.

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