Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Talk -- Now With 100% Less Beta!

Our sibling site, Android Central, brings word we'd almost given up faith at ever being brought'ned. Google apps, including the Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Talk we love so much on the iPhone (and iPod touch), are out of beta and high on life! Google's own blog explains-ish:

We've come to appreciate that the beta tag just doesn't fit for large enterprises that aren't keen to run their business on software that sounds like it's still in the trial phase. So we've focused our efforts on reaching our high bar for taking products out of beta, and all the applications in the Apps suite have now met that mark.

Makes the kind of sense that doesn't, but whatever. Opaque, non-standard definitions of beta aside, it's still good news. What's next, announce a second operating system or something?

Anything but Push Gmail, right?

Rene Ritchie

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