Google Maps redesign bringing Android style and Uber integration to iPhone and iPad

Google Maps is getting a redesign that will make the app on iPhone and iPad look a lot more like its Android counterpart. The design draws on Google's new "Material Design" language, which pervades the updated Android 5.0 Lollipop, bringing a layout that's flatter and layered, yet with lots of colors. In the case of Google Maps, lots of blue. It's a similar look and feel to the recently-released Inbox by Gmail.

Overall things generally work the same way, but you'll find many more instances of swaths of color. It's very much a new look for Google Maps, and it works well, though there's plenty of empty space to it.

Google Maps is getting new services integrated with the latest update, however. You'll find OpenTable for making restaurant reservations and Uber for calling for a private car to get you from A to B (and we suppose you can use Google Maps to give them back-seat directions too, if you're into that).

The new version of Google Maps is scheduled to hit the App Store in the next few days; once you've got it be sure to let us know what you think!

Source: Google

Derek Kessler

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