Google StadiaSource: Google

What you need to know

  • Google says that Stadia has "left the experimental state" on iPhone and iPad.
  • New "mobile-optimized resolution adjustments" have been added as well.

Google today announced that it no longer considers its game streaming service Stadia to be "experimental" on iPhone and iPad. It also confirmed that a new feature has been added for those playing via Apple's devices.

Famously, Apple won't allow game streaming services like Stadia into the App Store, leaving a Progressive Web App via Safari as the only option. Still, Stadia seems to be happy with how things have gone over the last few months of development – going so far as to add a new feature for mobile-optimized resolution adjustments.

Stadia on iOS has left the experimental stage and is rolling out in a new version, and includes a brand-new feature: adding mobile-optimized resolution adjustments. To use this feature and play your games on Stadia in iOS, use the Progressive Web App.


Google also offers a support document that explains how people should go about setting that Progressive Web App up, also pointing out that you'll need to use the Stadia app proper to set up your controller and add games to your library. It's quick to point people to Apple if something goes wrong, too.

Don't want to use the Stadia controller? No bother, the PS4 and Xbox controllers work fine – and it just so happens that they're both the best game controllers for iPhones. In our humble opinion, of course!