Google has updated its search app for iPhone and iPad, adding support for keyboard shortcuts on the iPad. When using an external keyboard with your iPad, hold the "Command" key to see the list of commands pop up. The app has also improved its local business search results.

Google's search app gains support for keyboard shortcuts on iPad

This is what's new in Google 15.0:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for iPad users — If you have an external keyboard for your iPad, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to search faster and navigate the app more easily (hold the "Command" key to see the list of supported shortcuts).
  • See the busiest hours for places and local businesses directly in the search results page. No need to tap and expand the local search result anymore.
  • Accessibility support for dynamic font sizing — app text will dynamically resize if you use accessibility font sizes.

You can pick up the latest update to the Google app from the App Store now.

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