Gordon Ramsay to use iPads as interactive wine lists and menus in his restaurants

World famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay  is planning on using iPads in his restaurants to provide customers with an interactive wine list experience, and later the complete restaurant menu. Ramsay is set to open his first Las Vegas restaurant and it will be the first of his restaurants in the US to utilize the SmartCellar software running on iPads; Ramsay already uses the same software in his UK restaurants.

“We congratulate Chef Ramsay on this most recent addition to his incomparable, worldwide restaurant empire,” says Patrick J. Martucci, chairman and CEO, Incentient.  “Of course, we’re gratified by his continued satisfaction the SmartCellar system and pleased to see it debut in yet another Gordon Ramsay establishment.” Added Ramsay, “There’s no better way to enrich our patrons’ visit to our restaurants than by offering the attractive, fully interactive and completely irresistible SmartCellar.  Give them one of these iPads and they instantly become more knowledgeable about their selections and more engaged in their entire epicurean experience.”

The new Las Vegas restaurant will get a total of 20 new iPads and they will be handed to guests so they can peruse the vast wine and spirits collection. Guests can then order directly from the SmartCellar app. Ramsay plans to roll out more functionality for the iPads later in the year with the addition of the restaurant’s full menu.

Gordon Ramsay Steak will be a fresh, high-energy dining environment that playfully transports guests from Paris to London. Set within the Paris casino, which is whimsically modeled after the "City of Lights," the restaurant design will celebrate Chef Ramsay and the city of London, where he lives. This innovative concept will reflect edgy, exciting and bold designs and will bridge the resort’s Parisian theme with Ramsay’s British heritage. A prefect synergy as Ramsay’s early education took place in the Paris kitchens of famous Michelin Star Chefs such as Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon. San Francisco based EDG Interior Architecture + Design, which previously created designs for Rao’s and Bradley Ogden restaurants at Caesars Palace, will spearhead the design.

At least the new iPad doesn't have Siri, if Gordon went off on one of his famous four lettered outbursts, who knows what Siri would have made of it all.


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  • i cant stand gordon ramsey. cool you yell and cuss a lot for the camera, lets give you 10 more reality shows wit the exact same story line. well i mean he has an accent, so he must know what hes doing right america?
  • It's funny how you can find out what someone is about in just a few short, anger filled sentences in the comment section. Nobody is forcing you to either watch his TV programs or read a blog post that mentions his name.
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  • Dumba$$ he does that to teach the chefs how to cook under intense pressure. Do u even watch his shows or are u speaking out of ur a$$?
  • its called a space bar.
  • nobody in america watches his shows thinking "he knows what he's doing." The aren't watching a how to show to find out how to cook. They watch it to see if someone punches him or to see their local A-hole restauranter be told that he's a A-hole. lol. "know what he's doing." He's fricken an british chef, nobody typically wants to eat that food. If anything they thought he had no clue what he's doing. I know he's qualified but i'm talking perception. Regardless if they wanted to learn to cook they'd take a class. People watch his shows to see if their's a fight.
  • if you havent noticed, almost every time there is a reality, nature, history program or infomercial on american tv, the host has an accent, usually british or australian. this is a marketing technique, as americans associate the accent with education (something we lack). not only does it make them pay attention by the use of charm, it makes them feel smarter by association and consumption. (ex. simon cowell on american idol, gordon ramsey on hells kitchen, david attenborough on planet earth, and the various accent weilding infomercial hosts). people are dumb, and the charm of these accents leads them to believe they are trustworthy in regard to sales, or knowledable in regard to judgement.
    i agree no one watches gordons shows to learn to cook as this would be impossible since 40% of the 60min show is commericals and the rest is focused on gordon yelling at people. the entire premise is to see if the people he yells at and how long it takes them to break. the winner is meaningless as they are replaced next season and forgotton.
  • **the entire premise is to see how the people he yells at react, and how long it takes them to break. the winner is meaningless as they are replaced next season and forgotton.
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