Gurman: Apple is not building a metaverse

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What you need to know

  • Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has some things to say about Apple and the metaverse.
  • According to Gurman, Apple does not see its VR headset as a world users will escape into.
  • Instead, the company is focused on its augmented reality headset as the "always-on" device.

Mark Gurman does not think that the metaverse is in Apple's future.

In the latest edition of the Bloomberg journalist's "Power On" newsletter, Gurman answers a question from a reader that asks if Apple will make a full play for the metaverse like Facebook.

Gurman says that, according to sources in the company, that Apple does not anticipate ever building a metaverse. Apple, instead of seeing its VR headset as something users will want to wear for long periods of time, see it as a device that users will wear occasionally to communicate, play games, or enjoy entertainment.

Gurman goes further to say that, instead of VR, Apple is mainly focused on its augmented reality device as the main breakthrough experience for users. This is the one that the company will be good enough for people to wear all of the time along with their iPhone and Apple Watch.

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The metaverse has quickly become a word devoid of meaning in the tech community. While many know it as the digital world that Facebook wants you to live in, other companies began calling their own products metaverses to get in on the hype. Heck, even Fortnite called itself a metaverse.

What is a metaverse anymore?

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