Hands-on the Belkin Road Rockstar 4-Port USB Car Charger

No longer do you have to share your only car charger with everyone in the vehicle. Mount the Belkin Road Rockstar the way you want and let this new travel companion do the rest. The handy 4-port charger from Belkin gives the entire vehicle charging options that keep your phones and tablets running and the kids happy for the long haul. Get the full scoop after the jump.

For starters, the dual-USB car charger goes up front and shares a total of 2.4A between whichever two devices you plug in. There's a small LED above both ports that lights up green while it's powered. When your device(s) are plugged in, it doesn't switch colors to let you know what's charging and/or completely charged — so that steady green is the best you get. Attached to that is a 6ft. cable for reaching to the back of your vehicle with another USB hub at the other end.

Belkin Road Rockstar Charger

The attached back seat charger features another 2 USB ports which supply 2.4A to each port instead of sharing. Belkin's designed this more for tablet use in the back seat, whether you're keeping your kids or adult passengers occupied. It's perfectly suitable for charging up any other smartphones, though. On the rear charger is a removable clip for fastening to a fold in the seat, depending on the style of your seats.

The Road Rockstar also comes with double sided 3M tape for mounting to other surfaces, sans clip. I found mounting mine with the clip facing out looked better, and wasn't as messy when it came to cable management. There's no right or wrong way, just whatever suits you and your vehicle best. With 6 feet of cable to work with, finding the perfect placement should be relatively easy.

The bottom line

If you're limited on chargers in the vehicle, the Belkin Road Rockstar 4-port USB Charger is a great addition for anyone looking to juice up multiple devices on the road. The provided mounting options are good enough for most interiors, and having that lengthy 6ft cable makes any reach doable. You can snatch up this charger from the iMore Store for $37.95.

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