Harry Potter Wizards Unite to host a Yule Ball for the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Yule Ball
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Yule Ball (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Part one of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event will run from December 3-10, 2019 with part two on December 17-24.
  • Community Day will run December 14, and will feature Hagrid's Hut and rare magical creatures.
  • There will also be a gifting event called the 12 Tasks of Christmas.

Today, Niantic announced a two part Brilliant Event for Harry Potter Wizards Unite in which players will revist the Yule Ball. Starting on December 3, players will be able to find memories of couples from the Yule Ball, including Hermione and Viktor, and Hagrid and Madame Maxime for one week. Then, beginning on December 17, the second part of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event will pick back up for another week. During this second week, players will be able to find memories of other couples, including Parvati and Harry, and Fred and Angelina.

In between parts one and two of the Brilliant Event, December's Community Day will be happening on December 14. It will feature Port Key's that will take players directly to Hagrid's Hut to lend a hand caring for magical creatures. Players will be rewarded with some of the rarest magical creatures in the Wizarding World!

In addition, players are encouraged to stay tuned for dates and details concerning another holiday event: The 12 Tasks of Christmas. As the title would suggest, players will have a list of twelve tasks to complete during this event. The 12 Tasks of Christmas will also include special Christmas themed gifts to exchange with friends. While the announcement did not include any more details than that, players are encouraged to follow the official Harry Potter Wizards Unite Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for upcoming details.

Are you excited for this December's Harry Potter Wizards Unite events? Drop us a comment below letting us know which magical creature you hope to find!

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