The beta testing in New Zealand and Australia for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is still going strong, and the team behind the game wanted to thank fans. The official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website was updated today to include a short, but sweet news update.

In the update, the team behind the game says the with the global release upcoming they have been working hard and taking feedback from beta players to make the game the best experience possible.

"Many of you on the ground in New Zealand and Australia have done an incredible job of guiding us during this process. We've been receiving some amazing feedback and deeply appreciate all of your help. In addition to making adjustments to the game during this beta phase, we've also been putting the finishing touches on additional features that will be revealed once the wider game launch rollout begins."

The team behind the game also teased us all by revealing this video that gives us clues into the time period the game is set in and the story of The Calamity becoming a problem.

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It appears the game is set some time after the final battle with Voldemort at Hogwarts in the final book (or movie), and that Harry, Hermione, and Ron all joined the Ministry of Magic. There appeared to be a period of peace, until five wizards and witches went missing — the elusive London Five. Soon after, magic began appear in the muggle world more and more, and The Calamity has become the number one threat to the Wizarding World — so we think.

No official release date yet, but the global release fo the game has to be upcoming with all the buzz!

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