We know that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be nothing without spells and to cast spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you need Spell Energy which is a resource that depletes. You can get more Spell Energy by visiting inns you come across in the game and eating or drinking tasty things!

What are Inns?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite screenshots

If you've played Pokémon GO, you'll likely think of Inns as Pokéstops. They are places on the map — indicated by small buildings — that a player can enter by tapping on them and once inside receive Spell Energy which is the primary resources you need in the game to cast spells. These small buildings correspond to real-world locations, parks, statues, and other landmarks.

Different types of inns offer you varying amounts of Spell Energy (a little more on that later), and it's important to note that they don't all look exactly the same. If you notice in the screenshot up above on the left, all those little brown buildings in the background are Inns, but so are the purple buildings you see in the foreground. Likewise with the pink looking house in the middle screenshot up above, that is also an Inn; however, the tall building shown in the screenshot up above on the right is a Fortress, which is an entirely different thing..

Inside an Inn

Once inside an Inn, you'll be required to trace a Glyph on your screen to activate the Inn, which will then spin five dishes and award you one randomly. The meal you end up with will award you Spell Energy, which allows you to cast spells in the game. You can only hold 75 Spell Energy at a time, so it's best to keep it stocked as much as possible. You can purchases Spell Energy and more Spell Energy storage is you choose to spend a little bit of money on the game.

Different colored Inns and rewards

As mentioned previously, there are different colored Inns in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the different colors offer different dishes you can get. Different dishes also

A Reddit user with the user name zviznemte did some research into Inns and Spell Energy and this is the information they found.

Energy received Meals Inn colors
1 Tomato Soup Brown Inns, Purple Inns
2 - Tea Set
- Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
- Pumpkin Juice
Brown Inns, Pink Inns
Green Inns
Blue Inns, Purple Inns
3 Violet Pudding Pink Inns
5 Bangers and Mash Purple Inns
6 Fish and Chips
Honeyduke's Chocolate Bar
Brown Inns, Blue Inns
Green Inns
7 Butterbeer Blue Inns, Purple Inns
10 Turkey Dinner Green Inns

Data miners and other super sleuths online have also found a handful of meals that have yet to appear Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, so its reasonable to expect there will be more information to come as more players play the game!

Dark Detectors

The other thing you can do at Inns is set up a Dark Detector, which will be active for 30 minutes and attract Foundables to that location. This will allow you to complete your Registry of items faster, earn XP, and find Foundables you may not have otherwise encountered.

If you're familiar with Pokémon GO, Dark Detectors are just like Pokéstop Lures.

Want to know more about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Inns are just the tip of the iceberg, there's plenty more you can learn about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Check out our Beginner's Guide if you're looking for helpful tips to get started!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Beginner's guide

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