Has Apple revealed its new Powerbeats Pro in latest FCC filings?

Powerbeats Pro
Powerbeats Pro (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Yesterday, Apple released a new iPhone.
  • At the same time, it also published new FCC filings for 'totally wireless high-performance earphones'.
  • They could signal a new PowerBeats Pro release later this year.

Yesterday, as Apple released its new iPhone SE, it also quietly published FCC filings for two new sets of 'totally wireless high-performance earphones' that could be a new iteration of Powerbeats Pro.

As reported by Techradar:

TechRadar has discovered that Apple has filed a new document with the FCC on Wednesday that could very well be the next Powerbeats Pro 2 coming later this year.The description for FCC ID BCGA2453 describes 'totally wireless high-performance earphones' and corresponds to Apple's model numbers A2453 and A2454, which could be two new versions of the Powerbeats Pro.Unfortunately, Apple has requested that the FCC withhold external photographs, internal photographs, test setup photographs, and the user manual until October 12, 2020 (potentially the day Apple has chosen to hold its annual iPhone unveiling event) so it will be a while before we can confirm our suspicions.

As noted, the filings are subject to confidentiality applications to stop new products from being leaked. There is however, this image:

Powerbeats Fcc

Powerbeats Fcc (Image credit: FCC)

As you can see it includes the 'Beats' logo in the top left, and a design very clearly reminiscent of current Powerbeats. The only other info we can really ascertain from the filing is that the headphones are described as 'Totally wireless high-performance earphones' and that they operated over Bluetooth's 2.4 GHz frequency. Another interesting note is that confidentiality has been granted until October 12, which may or may not indicate that Apple plans to release these in the fall of this year!

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