Have you upgraded to one of the iPhones 6 or iPhones 6s?

iPhone 6 and 6S
iPhone 6 and 6S (Image credit: iMore)

During Apple's Q1 2016 investors call, CEO Tim Cook revealed just how many iPhone owners had upgraded to the big iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, or the bigger iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus:

The number of people who had an iPhone prior to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcements, so this was in September of '14, that have not yet upgraded to a 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus is now 60 percent. So another way to think of that is that 40 percent have and 60 percent have not.

That made us curious how many of you, our regular iMore readers — and iPhone enthusiasts all — had upgraded, how that might compare to the customer base at large. Also, if you haven't yet upgraded, it made us curious as to why not?

Are you waiting on a new 4-inch iPhone 5se or a redesigned iPhone 7? Are you waiting to get upgraded through work, or through a family member? Are you waiting for prices to drop?

Please take a moment to let us know in the poll and, if we're missing an option you think better applies to you, or you simply want to share some additional thoughts, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • I think you should all an options for switched to Android and Switched to Windows phone. I switched to Android because I want the 6/6s form factor but a BIGGER battery. I would have ponied up for a 64gb 6 or 6s with a bigger battery. I am tired of this fixation with thin. If they are going to charge a premium price, then make the phone premium in all aspects -- including battery life. I do think IOS is a better all around platform and the quality of the hardware is SUPERB.
  • The question is "what percentage of iPhone users are on an iPhone 6 and newer"... Since you are not an iPhone user, simply do not answer the survey. Or did I understand the exercice wrong?
  • There is not an option really - but we upgraded all 3 of my family's phones to 6S. So I guess I could vote three times. :)
  • I selected upgraded, but I switched over from Android. I had the Galaxy S6 and after the annoyances on that device grew too much for me, I decided to give the iPhone a chance and grabbed the 6S.
  • Well technically I did upgrade from the 5S to the 6 plus as I had the 5S on contract and I sold it and got the note 3 and then the S5 contract free. I upgraded with my carrier to the 6 plus but bought the 6S plus sim free from Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • I upgraded to a 6s from Android, because I was tired of the frustrations of my Galaxy S4 and didn't see that jumping to the new flagship phone (most likely the S6) would really be an improvement. This was in late September, and I've been totally satisfied with my new iPhone.
  • 6s Plus!!!!!!!!! is the one to get.
  • I went from a 5 to a 6, on the day the 6 was released. I normally skip S models but there were some good Black Friday deals on the 6S in the UK so I upgraded again and my wife got the 6. I'll get the 7 on release day and sell the 6S.
  • Yes I went to a 6s from a 5. So I think Apple´s main problem is that their phones last long and work well even with age. If it doesn´t bother them, then they should keep up the good work as an iPhone seem to be a very good investment.
  • I Agree!!
  • I upgraded from iPhone 5 to 6S. While I wanted to bigger screen with the 6 I felt it wasn't a big enough upgrade for my needs to justify the upgrade. When 6S dropped I did like the bigger RAM and way better camera. I plan on keeping 6S until at least iPhone 8 possibly 8S. My iPhone 5 worked perfectly fine but I really wanted the better camera and better RAM for multitasking.
  • Technically i upgraded...from the 5 to the 5s, when the 6 came out, i don't want to carry an ipad in my pocket, thats at home or in a bag, i want a phone in my pocket, and 4" is the max that ill go for! Just hoping the new 4incher has 128gb option!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I've hold and tried the 5s model now that I have 6s and I can't go back because of the size and quality of the 6s's screen! But I DO PREFER the very comfortable one-hand use in iPhone 5! If only Apple made an official new keyboard for one-hand users!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I almost always upgrade Apple devices right after a newer model comes out and the previous model (that I want) goes down in price.
  • Upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus 128GB from my iPhone 6 64GB (using this one for beta testing) about a month ago. The iPhone 6 for me was extremely defective, had to get about 4 exchanges. I'm happy with my 6S Plus. Sent from the iMore App
  • Looking at these comments it's obvious people didn't get the question, lol. The question is did you go from a previous model iPhone to one of the newer (6 or 6S/plus models). Not if you switched from Android or any other OS. Seems pretty simple but these results are obviously flawed now, lol.
  • For me personally I'd love to upgrade to the 6s plus, it's a little pricy for me personally because I'm on a low wage. I'd really love to join apples upgrade program.
  • I'm still using a 5c because, as I understand it, if you want to move your Health data over to a new iPhone, you've to do it via iTunes on a Mac/PC, and I've only got an iPhone and iPad.
  • Current user of an iPhone 5s. It still works pretty well. I love the size so I'm hoping that the 5se will be a smaller 6s. If it has 6 internals then I will simply skip and wait for the redesigned 7. If it has 6s internals then I'm definitely getting it
  • I switch from the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the iPhone 6s, because I got tired of the way updates are handled on android. Sent from the iMore App
  • I need an additional option: Waiting to be able to afford the iPhone 6s
  • My problem with upgrading is that it involves spending full-cost on a phone when I already have the majority of the features of that new phone on my current phone. I bought a 5c in 2013 when I had a 3GS but returned it the week later: the differences between it and the 3GS weren't worth £469. In 2015 I bought a 5s but, again, returned it because my current 4s has most of the features and still runs the current OS. I honestly can't see any iPhone being worth its price until my 4s breaks or goes missing.
  • We just do the "jump" or "leap" or whatever programs. It's only slightly more than insurance and we get a brand new phone every year. The 6S on TMobile was worth the upgrade for the new modem alone - band 12 LTE wasn't available on any older models and much of TMobiles new LTE service is only in band 12.
  • My iPhone 5 was 3 years old so I think I was due the upgrade to iPhone 6S.
  • I upgraded from a 5S to a 6S. I am not sure it was worth it. I don't make much use of any of the new features. The bigger screen is nice, but is harder to fit into my pocket.
  • I too upgraded. Went from s 5s to 6s+ Really like the bigger model and new features. Sent from the iMore App
  • I upgraded from 5 to 6S. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would, but I cannot afford it.
  • I'm currently using an iPhone 5c, but I will be upgrading to a 6s Plus in March. Sent from the iMore App
  • I purchased a 5S from Apple. At 1 year and 11 months the battery failed plus something else wasn't right with it and was swapped out for a new one under Apple care. Would like the features of the 6s but don't need the size as I have an iPad Air 2. I would probably go for the 7plus assuming that has the optical image stabilisation and the 7 doesn't. If there is a 7 mini with same features then I would go with that as I don't need an iPad nano. My mum has my old 4S and it is fine for her and is still working fine. She also has my old iPad and iPad 3 and those are also going strong. Unless new features are really what you need and will use the hardware will last and the upgrade cycle will lengthen as a result.
  • I upgraded to a 6 more than a year ago from a budget Asus Zenfone.Loving iOS so far and am planning on getting a 7 when it releases.Apple hardware is exquisite Sent from the iMore App
  • Currently on 6 plus, in next few months will upgrade to 6s plus, giving my 6 plus to a family member that currently has a 5s, my wife won't upgrade from the 5c, she likes it for the past few years..so that's where I am at.
  • You should have had the choice 6s and another one for the 6. Would have been interesting. Sent from the iMore App
  • Unfortunately I downgraded from the 6 to the 6s. I haven't any desire to downgrade to the 7. I liked it better when Apple focused on adding rather than subtracting features. It's hard to fully take advantage of the higher resolution camera with a dead battery. Good news is that instead of giving away my old 6 as I (used to) upgrade each year, I'll start using it again. A thinner iPhone 7 with even worse battery life and no audio jack? No thanks. Sent from the iMore App
  • I said that I'm waiting for the new 4" but it should be (at least for me) that I'm waiting for an equivalent 4" instead of an old 4". The rumours seem to be of an iPhone 6 in a 4" form instead of iPhone 6s in a 4" form. I don't want to buy a 1.5 year old phone. It would be bad enough, for me at least, to be buying a phone a half year out of date knowing that in six months it would be outdated. Ideally I would like for Apple to bring out three iPhones of equal capabilities that differ only in screen size. I want the 4" iPhone because the screen size works for me. I tried the larger phones and they don't work for me.
  • I thought about purchasing an iPhone 6s but the thing is my 5s still works like new even running beta software so no reason for me to upgrade.
  • Went from 5s to 6 to the 6s 64gb. I had only had base memory options up until the 6s.
  • I upgraded from a 5 to a 6s. I had three 5, two as warranty replacements, but the battery on all of them was terrible. I like using a phone one handed, and a 6s with a bumper band is too big to hold safety *and* still use with just my thumb. How anyone can use a Plus this way is beyond me! If I'd known the 5se was on the way I might have held off. Sent from the iMore App
  • I upgraded from 6 to 6s just because I needed to upgrade storage. I sold my 6 the same price I had bought, I had gotten a great deal. I must say, the transition from iPhone 6 to 6s feels like a better upgrade than 5s to 6 if you don't consider the design. I didnt feel a huge difference in speed between 5s and 6. 6s is a beast! Now I a looking forward the plus model in the upcoming iPhone 7. Sent from the iMore App
  • 5 to 6s, to 6s Plus. Six of one, half dozen of the other...I wish Android and Apple would get together and have babies. Android ideas with Apple implementation.
  • I upgrade to the 6 and then 6S+. I do love the big screen but sometimes, I really miss the look and feel of the 5S.
    The 5S is just a better design and feel. and the 1 handed use without the idiotic reachability, I am currently considering going back to the 5S until the 7 mini comes out. I just don't think 6 series look good. In fact, I think they are rather ugly and feel cheaper than Apples past designs.
  • I switched over from Android. iPhone 6S 128gb Sent from the iMore App
  • Funny story had a iPhone 6 bought it when it came out. Than sold it for 750 CAD after six month. Upgraded my contract go a android phone. Which I have to my wife than I found a iPhone 6 Plus for 750 with apple care and that's what I carry around now since September
  • I switched from a gs5 to 6s plus. Considering going to the 6s because of the weight of the s plus . Any opinions?
  • My 4S completed 4 years this Jan. Upgraded my parents' phones from Nokia E63 to 5s and an ancient Samsung flip phone to 5c. Upgraded my uncle's phone from Galaxy S4 Mini to 6s. I'm waiting for the 7.