HDHomeRun Live TV app finally comes to iPhone and iPad

If you use an HDHomeRun box to get Live TV on your computer, phone, tablet, or set-top box, you'll be happy to know that SiliconDust has finally released an iOS version of the official HDHomeRun Live TV app. Now, you can watch Live TV on your iPhone or iPad without needing a third-party app (though, Channels is fantastic).

Just like the Mac, Windows, and Android version, you can watch Live TV right on your iPhone or iPad. You can also pause and fast forward through commercials. If you're a DVR subscriber, you can record Live TV and watch it later, without needing to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You aren't restricted to one device at a time, either. With the HDHomeRun app, you can watch live TV on your iPhone in the bedroom while your kids watch it in the living room on an iPad.

The electronic programming guide shows 14-day advanced programming, so you can see what's coming up in the next two weeks.

Currently, the HDHomeRun app is not natively supported on Apple TV. You'd have to mirror it from an iOS device. Hopefully, Silicon Dust will add Apple TV support in the near future.

Find out more about HDHomeRun devices and how to watch live TV on Apple TV:

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