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Headphones: Wireless or wire-ful?

AirPods and case in a hand
AirPods and case in a hand (Image credit: iMore)

With the introduction of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus' headphone jack-less design, people who didn't normally buy Bluetooth headphones didn't really have much of a choice.

Fast-forward a few months, and it seems like everyone has a pair of wireless headphones now, but what about you? We're chatting about whether or not the way of the wire has wained by the wayside!

So with the slow death of the headphone jack, how many people use bluetooth headphones and how many still liked wired headphones you don't have to worry about charging?


While some people say they use both...

I still use both wired and Bluetooth headphones. In fact, I just finished binge watching several episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix via my iPad Pro and listening to it via my Bose QC-35 Bluetooth headphones....


… Others are ready for the Bluetooth longhaul!

All of my wired headphones are stored away. Bluetooth headphones all the way baby :dancing:


Hop on into the iMore forums, take the poll and join the discussion today about whether or not you're still rocking headphones with wires or if you've already gone the wireless route!

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  • Wireless for lazy "lounging" type of listening with my Macbook on the bed/couch - I use a pair of B&W P7 Wireless headphones. They're good enough for movies, Youtube or SoundCloud streaming. Wired for serious listening and commuting - custom molded in ear monitors plugged into a dedicated DAP. Customs are the only type of head-fi that provide my required levels of comfort (they're made for my ears, after all), isolation (ANC doesn't come close), portability (I don't like wearing full sized headphones outside) and fidelity (Bluetooth has come a long way, but still falls short). So I guess my answer is "Both". If I had to live with only one solution, it'd be wired at this point in time. Might change in future, who knows?
  • Been wireless since about 2009. Haven't looked back.
  • "Are you someone who loves LOSING their wireless headphones or someone who is still attached to their wired cans without a care in the world?" Guess.
  • Most of my wireless headphones are just as big as my wired ones. The exception is my BeatsX which are only about a foot and a half of thin wire different than wired earbuds. It's only those AirPod thingies which have this issue...and all the similar silly things that have popped up. I do wish the beats did have some of the AirPod features, like tapping to initiate actions (easier to find my ears than the on cord control sometimes), and pausing play when you take one out. That's a great feature when someone tries to get your attention. For me, I'm pretty much all BT, unless I'm on an airplane. I don't sit still and even when sitting at a desk, I will get up to go somewhere and drag a wired phone off the desk. BT is safer ;)