Altouman Silicone Band for Apple Watch review: Simply a steal

This fairly priced silicone band from Altouman will add color and style to your favorite Apple Watch.

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band, black and white bands
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iMore Verdict

This simple and comfortable Apple Watch band from Altouman comes in every color, and at this price, you can buy them all.


  • +

    Super affordable

  • +

    Silky smooth silicone material

  • +

    Comfortable fit for any size of wrist

  • +

    Simple design that goes with anything


  • -

    Feels slippery and sweaty during a hard workout

  • -

    Clasp only available in silver

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I’ll be honest; sometimes when I see a product with a really low price on Amazon, I make negative assumptions. And in some cases, “You get what you pay for,” does ring true. With the Altouman Silicone Band for Apple Watch, however, I’m glad I gave this product a chance despite its unexpectedly low price. This is a line of well-made silicone watch bands that fit well, work well, and offer a simple modern design. It kind of feels like a steal.

Altouman’s Apple Watch Band is made of super soft, smooth silicone in a simple and straightforward style. It comes in 12 different colors, although I stuck to the usual black and white colorways for my bands. I do like the idea of a band to match every outfit, however, so I might have to invest in a few more of these. In this review, I’ll lay out my experience with the most affordable Apple Watch band I’ve ever owned.

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band: Price and availability

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band, in-hand

(Image credit: Future - Jaclyn Kilani)

Altouman Watch Bands are only available on Amazon. Along with this silicone model, the brand also offers traditional bands, nylon styles, sport loops, and silicone with magnetic closures. The silicone band that I have goes for a surprisingly low price of $6, but even Altouman’s most expensive watch bands are less than $20. If you’re trying to broaden your collection of Apple Watch bands without breaking the bank, this brand has a lot to offer. 

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band: What's good

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band, white clasp

(Image credit: Future - Jaclyn Kilani)

There's something about the silky, supple texture of silicone that feels good to the touch. Altouman's Silicone Band for Apple Watch feels great on my wrist. It is buttery soft and lightweight, as one would expect with silicone, and super easy to clasp on and off with one hand. When it comes to comfort, this is a five-star watch band; I barely even feel it most of the time. 

Because of the abundance of notches, it seems to me that this band will fit any wrist size. My wrist is relatively small, but there are holes to fit even child-sized wrists, as well as notches that go up to a very large size. The watch strap is much too long for me, but that's OK because I can just tuck the long end underneath through a slot designed for this purpose. This way, a too-long strap doesn't show from the outside. It's simple details like this that make this watch band so well-designed. There's not much to it, but it just works well.

Altouman's Silicone Apple Watch Band is buttery soft and lightweight, as one would expect with silicone.

Of course, we can't discuss the benefits of the Altouman Watch Band without talking about that amazingly low price. This is the first time I've owned an Apple Watch band that costs less than $15, and I'll admit I was skeptical at first. But after using the two watch bands now nonstop for over a month, I can say that the good quality, functionality, and design belies the low price. In this case, you're getting more than what you're paying for, so go ahead and buy one in each of your favorite colors. 

Another plus with the simple silicone Apple Watch band from Altouman is its versatility. Because of the very straightforward, understated design, I can wear it with just about anything. I've worn it with summer dresses, business casual, and workout gear, and the Altouman band just blends right into any outfit. 

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band: What's not good

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band, black

(Image credit: Future - Jaclyn Kilani)

Since the Altouman Watch Band is waterproof, it works perfectly well for athletics and exercise. The only problem is that it does get slippery when you sweat. This can result in an unpleasant sensation as it slides around on your wrist. Since I don't get the same feel from Apple's fluoroelastomer band, I think this effect is unique to silicone and similar rubbery materials. Although the Altouman band is fine for walking and light hikes, I prefer my Nike Sport Band for intense workouts. 

I also noticed that this Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band only comes with a silver option for the clasp. Since I have an aluminum case on my Apple Watch Case, this works fine for me, but I wouldn't like it if my case finish were gold, blue, or green. Even if Altouman had colorful clasps that were a few dollars more expensive, I think it would be a worthy add — hopefully, they add this option in the near future.

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band: Competition

Recoppa Sport Band

(Image credit: Recoppa)

Although it's not hard to find silicone bands for Apple Watch, there aren't many options in this price range. Others at this price point may or not be of the same quality, so proceed with caution. The brand Recoppa has a very similar soft silicone style for Apple Watch. Although I have never used this brand myself, it does have good reviews on Amazon and appears to be of the same general material and design. The Recoppa brand is several dollars more expensive, but it also offers more color options and clasp options, so it's up to you to decide which works better for your Apple Watch. 

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band: Should you buy it?

Altouman Silicone Apple Watch Band, black side

(Image credit: Future - Jaclyn Kilani)

You should buy this if...

  • You need an affordable Apple Watch band.
  • You like the look and feel of silicone.
  • You want one in every color.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You plan to use the band specifically for intense exercise.
  • You have a gold Apple Watch.

For most people, a simple silicone Apple Watch band like this one from Altouman is a great addition to most styles and wardrobes. Dress it up, dress it down; this soft silicone band will go with any outfit. Because of the lightweight fit, the band is comfortable for any wrist size.

I wouldn't suggest the Altouman band specifically as a sport band, but it is fine for light exercise. Although it only has silver clasp options, the band does come in 12 different fun colors. And let's not forget that nice low price tag! I think I may end up with one of these bands to go with every outfit. 

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