Apple, please don't make the Apple Watch Ultra bigger - my wrist can't take it!

Apple Watch Ultra and Seiko diver watch
(Image credit: Oliver Haslam / Future)

Any watch can be big – some even prefer it that way. But the Apple Watch Ultra, released late last year, is already on the large side. It's also not a watch you wear for special occasions like some of the bigger conventional watches. It's a wear every day, clock it on the corner of the table watch. Something, it's worth noting, it's already pretty good at.

That's apparently not going to stop Apple from making the Apple Watch bigger, according to a report from Digitimes, via Mac Rumours. The current Apple Watch Ultra has a 1.93-inch display, and it looks like the rumored next model could be even bigger with a 2.1-inch display. As Mac Rumours points out, that's a 10% increase in screen size, one that could weigh down wrists everywhere.

Does the Apple Watch Ultra need to be any bigger?

As we previously said, the Apple Watch Ultra is already a big watch. See, it's not just screen size that you have to think about, it's the rest of the dimensions too. The Apple Watch Ultra not only has that big screen, but it's thick too, and while the titanium case may not be heavy, it's still stressful to wear around wrist-height tables and desks. This doesn't make much sense for a device you're wearing every day.

It's nice to have more screen real estate, however, and anyone who's gone from one of the smaller models to one of the bigger ones will tell you how much easier they are to use. But the Apple Watch Ultra is now closing in on small phone from the 2010's size, and that just seems a bit ridiculous for a device that's supposed to let you leave your phone in your pocket. At what point will we even need the best iPhone in our pockets if our smartwatches are getting this big? Regardless, the new Apple Watch is unlikely to be coming in this year, so we've got a little time to get a wrist workout in.

Tammy Rogers
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