Apple Watch not round enough for you? Save over $100 on a Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch for the perfect Christmas gift

Fossil Christmas deals
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The Apple Watch design is not to everyone's taste - it is, after all, somewhat square. For people that like a more conventional round watch face on their wrist, there are companies like Fossil that make Android Wear devices that work with both iPhones and Android handsets. They are very attractive devices too, and in particular, the newest gen-6 devices stand out as some of the best-looking smartwatches you can slap on your arm.

There's also a pretty hefty discount on the entire line of Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches over at Amazon, with up to $120 off and some lowest prices ever. These could be the perfect gift for you or a family member.

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatches up to $120 off

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch |$319$189 at Amazon

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch | $319 $189 at Amazon

This is our pick of the bunch, with the most significant saving you can find on the line. You'll get a 44mm screen, with all the useful sensors and notifications that a smartwatch needs to provide. This $120 saving is also the biggest saving of all, and makes it cheaper than even the Apple Watch SE.

There are some great benefits to opting for a non-Apple smartwatch. Primary, of course, is price - in this case, you'll pay less than you would even for an Apple Watch SE and get a comparable device with a more conventional round watch design. The screen is bigger than the equivalently priced Apple Watch, and the straps are more premium with metal link bands instead of silicon straps.

It obviously won't work with iPhone quite as well as it will with Amazon, but you'll still be surprised by how useful it is. You'll receive your notifications, and use the Google Wear app to track all the relevant biometrics that a smartwatch should. It's not perfect, but it shows that Apple Watch isn't your only option.

If you absolutely need an Apple Watch, then make sure you check out the best Apple Watch deals and sales so that you can save on a new one.

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