Apple Watch Ultra shows up two days before launch for one lucky customer

Apple Watch Ultra in its packaging
Apple Watch Ultra in its packaging (Image credit: playalisticadillac)

We're two days away from the Apple Watch Ultra launching worldwide for all of us, but one lucky customer already has it.

The new watch is set to land on doorsteps and fill Apple Store shelves on Friday, September 23, and those who preordered for launch day delivery are patiently waiting for the next couple of days. However, for one lucky customer, their Apple Watch Ultra showed up a whole two days before the official release date.

Spotted by MacRumors, the person took to Reddit to share that they had gotten their watch on Wednesday, September 21, two days before the watch is set to launch worldwide. According to the user, they had preordered their Apple Watch Ultra through AT&T, so it appears that AT&T didn't handle the delivery date correctly and this person benefited from their mistake.

The photo they shared shows the Apple Watch Ultra wrapped in its packaging with the Orange Alpine Loop sitting beside it:

my_ultra_was_just_delivered_ordered_through_att from r/AppleWatch

The Apple Watch Ultra review videos are here too

This photo isn't the only way to check out the Apple Watch Ultra in the hands of users before it officially releases on Friday.

The embargo seems to have dropped earlier today and many tech reviewers have posted their unboxing, first impression, or review video of the new watch. We put together a list of all of the videos we could find that you can scroll through and binge to your heart's content to keep the hype going.

The Apple Watch Ultra will officially launch on Friday, September 23. The new watch is a more rugged version of the Apple Watch that is made out of titanium for more durability. It also features a larger case and display, longer battery life, and features designed for the more adventurous.

AirPods Pro 2 will also launch on Friday with better sound quality, longer battery life, and improved noise cancellation.

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