Get the Apple Watch Series 8 for the price of a Series 7, but there's a catch

Apple Watch Series 8 models
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Cyber Monday is just hours away, but you can already save big on the Apple Watch Series 8 with a $50 discount at Amazon that brings it to the same price as the Series 7.

A powerful fitness tracker that can be so much more thanks to its integrations with iOS on your iPhone, the Apple Watch leads the wearables market because of its powerful app library and great-looking design.

Apple knows all too well just how good the Apple Watch is, though, since the company has struggled to find meaningful improvements to add on year after year. In fact, we recently said the Apple Watch Series 8 is probably not worth an upgrade.

While we still wouldn't drop your Series 7 and jump on the new model yet, if you’ve not picked up an Apple Watch yet, Amazon is making the choice between the two very simple by dropping the Series 8 price by $50, making it essentially the same price as the Series 7.

The only catch is that it's only available in the Product (RED) variant, which may be a little too red for some.

Get the Apple Watch 8 for the same price as the Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch Series 8 - was $399, now $349 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 - was $399, now $349 at Amazon

Apple’s latest Watch, the Series 8, is much more than a fitness tracker and builds upon its excellent predecessor with new crash detection and body temperature sensors and not a lot else.

Still, this deal makes the price essentially the same as the Series 7 at some retailers and is the lowest we’ve seen it for since it launched in September 2022, although it's only available on the Red colorway right now.

So what's new with the Apple Watch Series 8 compared to the Series 7? In all honesty, not a lot, but there are two main new sensor updates.

The first is a new body temperature tracker, which can be an important data collection tool when it comes to ovulation and fertility. The second is crash detection, which uses more advanced gyroscopes and measures barometric pressure to ascertain if you’ve been in a car crash.

These are features with pretty situational usage (and we hope to never need the crash detection), but it’s worth considering that the Series 8, simply by virtue of being newer, will hold its value for longer than the Series 7. That means when it comes around to picking up an Apple Watch in the future, your trade-in could go a lot further. 

In our review, we conceded that there’s little reason to upgrade if you have the Apple Watch Series 7, and we also noted that its predecessor's lower price makes it tough to recommend the Series 8 – but this price drop from Amazon certainly alleviates that concern. 

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