Exclusive Apple Watch Ultra apps appear on App Store days ahead of launch

Apple Watch Ultra scuba diver underwater
Apple Watch Ultra scuba diver underwater (Image credit: Apple)

We still have to wait a few days to get the Apple Watch Ultra in our hands, but that doesn't mean we can't geek out about its exclusive apps ahead of time.

The Apple Watch Ultra is set to launch on Friday, September 23 and, a few days before its release, Apple has added the exclusive Siren and Depth apps to the App Store.

As Apple explains, the Siren app enables your Apple Watch Ultra to emit a loud sound that can be heard up to 600 meters away if you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to be found.

Activate Siren in emergency situations if you become lost or injured to draw attention to your location. Siren emits a unique 86bd sound pattern which can be heard up to 600m away.

The Depth app allows Apple Watch Ultra users to track metrics underwater such as your water temperature, duration underwater, and, of course, your current depth:

Use the Depth app for recreational underwater activities to 40m (130ft), from snorkeling, and free diving, to simply playing in a swimming pool. See your current depth, water temperature, duration underwater as well as the maximum depth you’ve reached to 40m (130ft). Choose to automatically activate as soon as you are submerged, or simply tap on the Depth app to launch.

The apps are exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra (Image credit: Apple)

While it is exciting to see new Apple Watch apps from Apple itself, the apps are only available for the Apple Watch Ultra as it is the only watch built to enable both features. If you try to install either app on any other Apple Watch, you will be unable to do so.

Apple makes the apps available on the App Store so users, if they want, can uninstall the app from their watch but still have the option to reinstall it at a later date.

The Apple Watch Ultra will launch on Friday, September 23. Hopefully, you got your preorder in early as some preorder customers are getting notified that their delivery date is being delayed. In addition to the Apple Watch Ultra, AirPods Pro 2 are also being released on Friday.

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