Love health tracking, but hate smartwatches? Squeeze fitness data into an analog watch face with up to $60 off a Withings smartwatch

Withings smart watch
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Apple Watches are great — they are do everything, be everything smart watches with glorious color screens and digital interfaces. But what if you are too attached to the idea of an analog watch, one that gives you the time with a simple glance, one with fewer gadgets inside to go wrong? What if, in addition to this need for a watch face with real hands, you still want a smarter watch, one that can give more data than just the time?

You're in luck — the Withings smart watch range does just that. They are lovely, understated watches with hands, and dials, plus a small screen that shows heart rate and other data at the push of a button. Their batteries average 30 days on a single charge, and they are nice and slim if you want something to slip up a shirt sleeve easily. They are the best of both worlds — and you can currently save up to $60 on one in the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale.

A different kind of smart watch, now with big savings

Withings Scanwatch |$299$227 at Amazon

Withings Scanwatch | $299 $227 at Amazon

The Withings Scanwatch is the big watch of the line, with all the bells and whistles attached. There's a heart monitor, a sleep tracker, a step counter, and a blood oxygen meter as well. You can view all the data it provides with the Withings app, or you can take a quick look at the screen to see what's going on in the moment.

Price check: $239 at Best Buy| Not available at Target

Withings Steel HR Sport | $199$159 at Amazon

Withings Steel HR Sport | $199 $159 at Amazon

This is a slightly sportier number, with a more breathable strap. It doesn't quite have the same features as the Scanwatch above, but it will still track your heartrate, sleep, and give you notifications when someone sends you a text. That small screen is still there as well to complement the analog dial.

Price check: Not available at Best Buy | Not available at Target

Withings Steel HR |$199$159 at Amazon

Withings Steel HR | $199 $159 at Amazon

This is essentially the same watch as the one above, only it has a really fancy leatherette strap. It tracks all the same things of course: Heart rate, sleep, and it will ping you when someone texts you. This is a really nice, subtle design, perfect for when you don't want something that sticks out.

Price check: Not available at Best Buy | Not available at Target

The old faithful is still there

Of course, if you just want a good, solid smartwatch, then the ever-faithful Apple Watch SE is around to save the day. It costs about the same as the Scanwatch above, but brings with it that very snazzy color display. Interestingly, however, it lacks some of the sensors of the Withings, such as the blood oxygen meter — although it seamlessly integrates into Apple fitness, which is always a massive bonus.

While the Withings is a kind of best of both worlds, the Apple Watch is great at almost anything you can want a smartwatch for — a real Goldilocks watch.

Apple Watch SE 2 | $249$199 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE 2 | $249 $199 at Amazon

The Apple Watch SE has seen some upgrades over the previous model, including a new brighter screen and improved battery life. There's also a 'Low Power Mode feature which should help your battery last even longer. If you're looking for Apple Watch deals, this is a great place to start.

Price check: $219 at Best Buy | $279 at Target

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