Now's the time to buy an Apple Watch Series 7 - Just as the new one comes out you'll save a bunch at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 7
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This Apple Watch Series 7 deal will save you up to $130 off the outgoing Apple Watch, with the most significant saving being on the 45mm GPS and Cellular model. If you're worried you'll miss out on loads of the latest features of the Series 8 if you go for the previous model, we can put your mind at ease - one of the most exciting new features is coming in a software update, and the Apple Watch Series 7 is still packed with some great tech.

Apple Watch Series 7 |$529now $400 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 7 | $529 now $400 at Amazon

While it may be the outgoing model of the Apple Watch, the Series 7 is still an excellent smartwatch. You'll get an ECG generator, all the heart health monitoring you could ever want, and the same size screen as the latest model. At the moment, there's money off the whole Series 7 range, but the biggest saving is off this 45mm Cellular variant, which is now only a cent more than the standard GPS model.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has long been the best Apple Watch in our eyes, and only now that the Apple Watch Series 8 is on the way does it look to be losing its throne. There are all the sensors that you could ever need on board, including a whole gamut of heart health monitoring aids, blood oxygen meters, and an ECG generator. It's even getting one of the Series 8's coolest features in a software update.

The Series 8 is launching with a 'low power mode', designed to keep your Apple Watch going for longer. Where the watch would usually only last about a day or so of use, the low power mode shuts off some features to extend the battery life of the device. While the Apple Watch Series 8 will launch with this feature, the Series 7 will actually have it first, as it has come over in the WatchOS 9 update

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