How to set up and start using Health for iPhone in iOS 10

Since its debut in iOS 8, the Health app has provided a central location to view and manage your health data. With iOS 10, the app has received its most substantial changes yet, which include a visual overhaul, as well as a new Today section and a re-worked Health Data tab.

Health Data

The Health Data tab has moved to the left and is now the first place you land when opening the tab. It offers four primary categories, Activity, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Sleep, as well as secondary categories such as Body Measurements, Vitals, and Reproductive Health. Under each category, you have a number of subjects, like Active Energy or Resting Energy under Activity.

iOS 10 Health Data

The data for each of these subjects will be displayed in the Health app's new Today section.


Where the Health Data tab has replaced the Dashboard in position, the new Today tab has done so in function. Today is your single stop for all of your relevant pieces of health data for that particular day, with Activity, Sleep, and other stats all in one place.

iOS 10 Health Today tab

Subjects not measured on a particular day will not appear in the tab. If for instance, you didn't measure the previous night's sleep, the Sleep category's data will not appear.

You can view a previous day's data by tapping on the date or swiping to the right on the dashboard.

If you're wondering how to take advantage of what's new in the Health app, you've come to the right place. Follow this guide to get the most out of your iPhone's health data repository.

How to view health data in Today

  1. Launch the Health app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Today.
  3. Scroll up or down to view your available data for that day.

    Open Health, tap Today, scroll

  4. Swipe to the right or tap on a date at the top of the screen to view a previous day's data.

  5. Tap a subject to view more detail.
  6. Choose the time period for that data, either Day, Week, Month, or Year.

    Tap a date, choose a subject, select a time range

How to show health data from an app

  1. Launch the Health app from your Home screen.
  2. Choose a category.
  3. Scroll down and choose a subject for which you need data.

    Open Health, pick category, choose a subject

  4. Tap Data Sources & Access.

  5. Tap Edit.
  6. Under Data Sources, tap the app or device that you wish to allow to provide data. A check mark should appear next to that data source.

    Tap Data Sources & Access, tap Edit, tap the data source

How to discover Health apps

  1. Launch the Health app from your Home screen.
  2. Choose a category

    You can further refine your choices by picking an individual subject.

    Open Health, Choose a category

  3. Scroll down to Recommended Apps.

  4. When you find an app that interests you, tap it.
  5. Tap the 'Get' or price buttons to download and/or purchase the app.

    Tap an app, buy an app

How to enable the viewing of your Medical ID in an emergency

  1. Launch the Health app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Medical ID.

    Open Health, tap Medical ID

  3. Tap Edit.

  4. Toggle the Show When Locked switch to on.

    Tap Edit, switch on