This is the world's first cycling power meter with Apple Find My - never lose your bike again!

4iiii precision power meter
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One of the world's top cycling manufacturers has teamed up with Apple to develop the world's first ever cycling power meter with Apple's Find My technology built-in.

4iii has today unveiled its all-new PRECISION 3+ cycling meter with built-in Find My technology. + denotes that this is an upgrade to the previous PRECISION 3 model, with the sole new feature being Find My. 

As the name suggests, a cycling power meter measures power delivery from a cyclist, which is basically used to calculate how hard you're peddling. This can be really handy when it comes to training and measuring effort, and you won't see a serious cyclist training without one. 

Find more power, and your bike

A rising contender...
Stefan Abram
A rising contender...
Stefan Abram

4iiii has long been one of the most popular power meters with cyclists of all stripes. In 4iiii’s range there are models used by professionals at the very top of the sport, as well as budget-oriented options increasing the accessibility of training with power. This latest development further supplements the Canadian brand’s USPs - definitely one to watch.

4iiii power meter with Find My

(Image credit: 4iii)

"With the addition of Find My integration and seamless use with Apple devices, the PRECISION 3+ really shows where we can go with this technology as bikes (and their users) get smarter and more connected," says Phil White, President and CEO of 4iii. 

The PRECISION 3+ therefore provides excellent power measurement, while at the same time connecting you to the 1.5 billion Apple devices that power the Find My network. With this in your arsenal, you can be sure you'll never lose or misplace your bike again, and perhaps more pertinently, you'll be able to track your bike if it's stolen. 

Accompanying this new power meter is a 4iiii Ride app for Apple Watch that can track metrics such as heart rate, power, speed, and more all directly to your Apple Watch. Apple Watch fitness tracking is definitely capable for cycling and got an upgrade in watchOS 10, but this is much more specialized. 

This is a brilliant, innovative upgrade for cyclists, adding to an already trustworthy power meter. There's a reason our friends at Cycling Weekly list the current Precision 3 as one of the best power meters for cycling in 2023. And there's good news, owners of the PRECISION 3 can send their units back to 4iii to get it upgraded with Apple Find My.

If stationary cycling is more your thing, combining Apple Fitness Plus and the best exercise bikes for Apple Fitness Plus is a great alternative. 

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