All the apps that work with the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro 2016

The MacBook Pro 2016 comes with, the Touch Bar, which replaces the row of function keys and gives you direct access to some important shortcuts for your system and apps. All of Apple's built-in apps support the Touch Bar, but not all apps in the Mac App Store do. Here's a list of every app we know of that has been updated with Touch Bar support so far.


The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro gives us access to a number of editing tools and shortcuts that are otherwise buried in an app's settings. It's so much faster to find what you're looking for now!

Art and Graphic Design

Digital artists will agree that looking up tools and remembering shortcuts can get out of hand. The best graphic design programs are packed with features that you have to track down. Not these apps. Thanks to Touch Bar support, they'll be right at your fingertips, literally.


Music makers on the Mac are going to be happy to see that some of the most popular track editing tools support the features available in the Touch Bar. You'll be able to select and scrub tracks, edit selections, and all kinds of fun stuff.


It used to be that, to edit a film you had to cut and splice and tape together strips of film. Movie editing has gotten a whole lot easier, and with the Touch Bar, things just got even better.


When it comes to productivity, nothing is more important than being, well ... productive. If it takes you two or three seconds to find a tools while you are preparing your report, you've lost precious seconds. The Touch Bar helps these productivity apps add seconds to your daily workload, which adds up to a whole lot of time saved for your retirement.


For some of us, email activities take up too much of our time. With the Touch Bar, getting to inbox zero is not a far-off dream. You can triage and organize your emails, save some for later, and quickly respond to the most important messages right away.


Utilities are apps that are supposed to make your life a little bit easier, but if it's difficult to find the tools you are looking for, aren't you just making things worse? With the Touch Bar, these helpful apps could win the humanity award for helpfulness.

Keep this page bookmarked and visit it often. We'll keep adding apps as we learn which ones offer Touch Bar support.

Do you know of any apps that offer Touch Bar support not listed here? Put them in the comments and we'll add them (let your favorite app developers know we're on the lookout, too)!

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