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HERE Maps rebrands to HERE WeGo, adds new features

HERE Maps, the mobile mapping app that was sold by Nokia to a group of car companies in late 2015, has released a major update for iOS. It also includes a name change to HERE WeGo.

Why the name change? In a blog post, HERE says:

On the name change. 'HERE Maps' was a bit too generic, we think. Too similar to a bunch of other, lesser apps. And the truth is that very few regular users open our app to look at a map – they want to get somewhere and find the fastest way to do that. Putting its main use – getting to places – front and centre, and into the name, is intended to help people understand what the app is for, what to expect from it and how to use it.

Among today's updates, the HERE WeGo app offers users a revamped experience when they open it up:

When you open HERE WeGo, the 'Where to?' instruction in the search box invites you to enter a destination. Input this, and you're taken straight to choosing between different modes of transport to get to where you want to go – without that extra click on the 'find a route' icon that used to be at the bottom of the screen. Bam!

The app also adds options to get to your destination from car-sharing firm Car2Go. Many cities in the app also include taxi info like an approximate price and wait time For people who like to ride their bike to their destination, the app has also added elevation information to make it more accurate.

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  • Apologies in advance to the delicates out there........ Yet again, another company changes the name of their flagship product to something ridiculous. "Normal" people *already* know and understand what 'maps' apps do and they base their searches on that already established terminology. I can't stand it when companies do this. They think they're increasing their discoverability, when all they're really doing is further burying their product in the giant pile of noise. Again, I'm not talking about me, and you other people that are reading this. I'm talking about people like our parents and other friends/family that AREN'T techies, who just use this stuff as a regular generic user and couldn't give a rat's *** about the hipster-rating of an app. They search for apps called "nav", "navigation", "gps", "MAPS", etc. Not "WeGo"! <sigh / shakes head> Here....I'll channel my sister for a moment -- "What the heck is a WeGo? I want to use a map app like 'The Apple one'!"
  • You know search tags exist right? Just because it doesn't have maps in the name doesn't mean it won't come up with somebody types in "maps". Waze comes up when you type in maps or search for navigation apps despite it being called waze.
  • Yes, I understand that tags are used. I'm talking more about the pragmatic aspect of normal people looking for a nav app. That's all. When getting that search result listing of apps based on those tags you mention, I would hazard a guess that many people simply look at the name of the app as they're swiping down the list of possible things to install and play with. Again, normal people....not us nerds. Look, I'm not arguing with you or anyone about the technical realities of the app. It's a great app....I use it as my official backup nav app when I'm off-roading out in the sticks where I tend to lose coverage. I just think the name change will not serve its intended purpose. At some point, you have to agree to a certain extent that companies changing names and rebranding all the time rarely seem to end well, or they just revert to the original branding. I don't know.....I honestly don't know why this stuff bugs me like it does. I feel like if they'd just promote themselves, the capabilities of the app, and continue adding features when they can, that would serve them better. It's like the recent rebranding (again) of Sierra Mist to the ridiculous "Mist TWST". I mean, really? Sorry. I'm done now.......
  • Search tags are all well and good but all bets are off when looking for an app in the App Store. It's search functionality is horribly hit-and-miss. Often searching for an app with its EXACT name fails to find it. Then I have to do a search in Safari and get an App Store link. I understand the rebranding in this case but sometimes the We Need a Hipper Name committee just needs to take a pass.
  • Next name: Here Shuttered
  • Google Maps is better as Nd easier to use. Sent from the iMore App
  • Google Maps doesn't offer proper downloading of maps like HERE does, and HERE maps also tells you the current speed limit and whether you're going over. I've found some location information to be more accurate on HERE maps as well, also it's ridiculously easy to use. Google Maps is better overall, but each maps program has its own benefits
  • Used HERE from old Nokia Maps days, much better and reliable than Google Maps or Apple Maps (in Finland). Sent from the iMore App