Here's how to get the new Pride Edition Apple Watch face!

Apple Watch Band Pride Edition
Apple Watch Band Pride Edition (Image credit: iMore)

Apple has officially released its new Pride Edition Apple Watch face directly after its WWDC 2018 keynote in San Jose, California. The face, which shows six threads of rainbow color that shift and undulate when you tap the screen, celebrates both LGBT pride and the company's iconic original logo — a rainbow-striped apple. You'll be able to add the face today at 12:00 PM PDT/3:00 PM EDT.

The Pride Edition face has been rumored for quite awhile now, and last week 9to5Mac writer and developer Guilherme Rambo confirmed the face's official release date during one of his regular in-depth explorations of iOS source code — iOS 11.4's source code, to be exact.

Apple Watch users also found that they could get their proverbial hands on the watch face early by mucking around with their device's date and time settings, time traveling their way around those annoying official release date rules like fast-forwarding through house upgrades in Animal Crossing.

If you'd like to change your watch face to really complete your Pride Month look (as well as add it to your list for easy access in case you want to use it again in the future), you can check out our detailed tutorial at the link below.

How to change your Apple Watch face


How much do you dig the new Pride Edition Apple Watch face? In your opinion, does it live up to the hype that preceded it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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