Here's where you can pre-order the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in India

Ahead of their launch in India on October 16, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are up for pre-order. A slew of online retailers, including Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Infibeam, and Paytm, are now accepting pre-orders for the phones, along with Vodafone. Here's how much the new iPhones cost in India:

iPhone 6s:

  • 16GB - ₹62,000 ($940)
  • 64GB - ₹72,000 ($1,093)
  • 128GB - ₹82,000 ($1,244)

iPhone 6s Plus

  • 16GB - ₹72,000 ($1,093)
  • 64GB - ₹82,000 ($1,244)
  • 128GB - ₹92,000 ($1,396)

Most stores are offering launch-day delivery for customers pre-ordering the handsets. Vodafone is offering 4,000 minutes, 3GB of 3G data and 1,500 text messages a month for 6 months to all customers purchasing a Vodafone Red plan along with the new handsets.

Pre-order iPhone 6s, 6s Plus at Vodafone{.cta .shop}

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Harish Jonnalagadda

The clumsiest man in tech.

  • This is just stupid...buying a 549$ phone for 1000$ needs to get it's pricing right in india..
  • It is because of heavy import duty, middle man and depreciation of rupee.. Can't blame Apple. But seriously, 1000$ for 600$ is too much. I was expecting at max 60K for 64GB.. But I guess Nexus 6P is the only thing my pocket can afford. Would have to wait 1 more year.
  • No you don't have to go for nexus 6P its better to wait for iPhone to popup online not from authorized distributor, my friends retail shop is selling iPhone 6s 64 Gb for 64K and I believe that will go down further more to 60K.