Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case review: Flexible protection

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case
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Bottom line: Mix and match the rugged case, folio, and RFID-blocking card wallet to your specifications.


  • +

    Genuine full-grain premium leather

  • +

    Three-piece set: case, card wallet, and folio

  • +

    Card wallet has RFID blocking

  • +

    Case attaches magnetically to mounts

  • +

    Holds up to three cards (card wallet) plus cash (folio)

  • +

    Wireless charging compatible (case only)


  • -

    All three pieces together are bulky and heavy

  • -


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The Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case is a rugged case plus an RFID-blocking card wallet plus a folio. You can mix and match the pieces in various ways, depending on what functionality you need on a given day. Powerful magnets make it easy to change configurations.

Many ways to use

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case: Features

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case (Image credit: iMore)

The case itself is a rugged hybrid of premium full-grain leather, polycarbonate, and thick TPU bumpers. The lip of the case comes just over the edge of the screen for face-down protection. The interior of the case is lined with soft microfiber to prevent scratches. The Sleep/Wake and volume buttons have nice clicky button covers, while the camera, mute switch, and Lightning port have the expected cutouts. The speaker holes have rather unusual cutouts, however. Instead of just leaving the speaker holes uncovered, there are six elongated holes toward the front of the case, forming acoustic channels. The effect this setup has is the sound is directed towards you as you look at the phone, which works out nicely. The branding on the case is an embossed logo on the back near the bottom. There is also branding on the back of the card wallet and the interior of the case and the folio. If you're using the case alone, wireless charging works just fine. If you have a magnetic mount in your car, this case should work fine with it.

The folio is the same full-grain premium leather and soft microfiber interior. The left side has a large slot where you could put cash or receipts. The case attaches magnetically to the folio. A large camera cutout ensures that you can still take photos when you're using both the case and the folio. The magnet is quite strong and it feels secure. A magnetic tab holds it closed.

Your phone protected, your way

The card wallet blocks RFID (radio-frequency identification), which means that your credit cards are protected from criminals trying to steal your credit card numbers as they pass by you with a scanner. You can use the card wallet in three different ways. Use it alone, just as a small wallet. Or, you can put the card wallet on the back of the Hex case to create a wallet case. Or, put all three pieces together to create a wallet folio case: place your iPhone in the case, the case in the folio, and the card wallet on the back of the folio.

In my photos, it looks like the card wallet might obstruct the camera lenses, but this is not the case. The magnets are powerful and they direct the pieces to come together just right every time. None of the iPhone's functionality is obstructed at all except for one, which you could probably guess. Wireless charging works with the case alone, but not with the folio or the card wallet attached, even with no cards or cash inside.


Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case: What I like

I like all the ways that you can use this case system. Some days you might just want to use a plain case, while other days you might find you need the additional functionality of a wallet case or folio case (or both.) The case alone is a nice case, the full-grain leather is of excellent quality and looks great. While the addition of the card wallet and/or the folio blocks the ability to charge wirelessly, it's easy enough to pop them off and use your wireless charger with the case alone. This is much easier than having to take off a case each time you charge.

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case (Image credit: iMore)


Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case: What I don't like

The first thing I said when I took this case out of the box was, "Wow, this is heavy!" There's no getting around it, this is a heavy, bulky case. The other thing I found odd was that unlike most folio cases, this one does not double as a kickstand for watching videos. Additionally, this is not an inexpensive case; the price may be prohibitive for some people.

Four cases in one

Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case: Bottom line

The Hex 4-in-1 iPhone Case can be configured in four different ways: the case alone, wallet case (case plus card wallet), folio case (case plus folio), or put all three pieces together to create a wallet folio case. Each piece is constructed from full-grain premium leather and the pieces snap together with powerful magnets. If you don't mind the bulk, this is an ideal setup for someone who has different case needs from one day to the next.

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