How to add function and style to your next iPhone ring

You've totally heard of the PopSocket, and you've probably seen a Style Ring (or 12) at this point, but those simple, round-ish designs are pretty boring and repetitive: especially if you're someone who likes to make a statement.

If you're someone who wants to change up the look of their next iPhone ring, then there are actually quite a few strange and fantastic options out there!

Here's how to add some more style (and a whole 'lot of function) to your next iPhone ring!

1. Show off your devilish (opens in new tab) side

This little $8 ring (opens in new tab) gives out the simple message that maybe you're not such a goody-two-shoes with that sort of phone ring (opens in new tab) .

2. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL (opens in new tab)!

CHOOSE YOUR POKEMON (opens in new tab) (for around $8)!

3. Captain America (opens in new tab) would be proud

NOTE: $2 Phone Shield (opens in new tab) is not actually made from vibranium and adamantium compound.

4. Starbucks (opens in new tab), anyone?

If you have a #frap lover in your life, then this $8 ring (opens in new tab) might be the perfect gift.

5. Marble marble marble (opens in new tab)

Or should I say marble marble (opens in new tab), because you get 2 rings for $9 with this marble-riffic deal (opens in new tab)

6. Cactus relax-us (opens in new tab)

I just got back from Palm Springs, so I'm still dreaming of the desert, and this $8, super adorable cactus ring (opens in new tab) isn't helping a gosh darn thing.

(Hey! That rhymed! Neat.)

7. Darth Vader (opens in new tab) theme slowly begins to play in the background

Heavy, Mechanical Breathing I… am your new phone ring (opens in new tab) Heavy Mechanical Breathingfor around $15 (opens in new tab) Heavy Mechanical Breathing

8. PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES (opens in new tab)!!!!!!!

PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES!!!!!! PUPPIES (opens in new tab)!!!! FOR LIKE, $9!!!!!! PUPPIES FOR $9 (opens in new tab)!!!!!!! ON YOUR iPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na (opens in new tab)

BATMANNNNNNN (opens in new tab)!

... ring for around $8 (opens in new tab)!

10. Cat got your tongue (opens in new tab)?

Or just the back of your iPhone with this super adorable kitty cat phone ring (opens in new tab) for $8?

11. Breakfast (opens in new tab) is served!

Especially with this super adorable $8 fried egg phone ring (opens in new tab)!

Mmm. Now I want bacon...

12. Skulls more your style? Check out these kickass rings (opens in new tab).

Keep it cool and edgy with these $8 skyll rings (opens in new tab) for the back of your iPhone.


Oh look! Here's an extra one for $8 in the shape of a ultra-cute pixelated heart iPhone ring (opens in new tab)!

I mean, it is dangerous to go alone, so you should take it.

14. He may not have popped the question yet (opens in new tab), but that doesn't mean your phone ring (opens in new tab) can't!

"I DO (opens in new tab)!"

"Uh… Cella…? That's just your $6 rose gold, crystal-embedded iPhone ring (opens in new tab) you're talking to that kind of looks like a boss-ass engament ring when you're holding it… This is kinda' creepy… I'm out…" — How my last relationship totally didn't end (opens in new tab)

15. Giraffes (opens in new tab) and elephants and monkeys, oh my!

Bring the jungle to the back of your iPhone with these adorable $7 animal iPhone rings (opens in new tab)!

16. Dragonflies (opens in new tab) symbolize change and good luck

So why not have one as a super stylin' $10 phone ring (opens in new tab) at all times?