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What you need to know

  • Apple is bringing some of its employees back to Apple Park.
  • They'll have to get used to some changes when they arrive at work.
  • Masks will be required and infections testing will be offered.

Apple has already started to bring some of its workers back to Apple Park following its closure due to COVID-19. More will be returning soon, and they're going to have to get used to some changes when they arrive.

As reported by Bloomberg, the Apple Park employees are returning to isn't the same one they left. Limits on the number of people allowed in certain spaces will be in place and some areas of the building will remain closed.

As the building gradually reopens, some employees are working from the Apple campus only a few days a week. Apple is also limiting the number of people allowed in confined spaces at its offices. For example, as few as two are permitted in elevators at the same time, which normally would fit as many as 10 employees. The company has also closed many break-room kitchens and has posted signs asking employees to wear masks.

Employees will also be given the option of undertaking a nasal-swab test to check for the presence of COVID-19 while temperature checks will also be compulsory for those returning to work at Apple Park.

Some of Apple's executive team is also returning to Apple Park with retail head Deirdre O'Brien already working from the office instead of her home.

Apple closed offices and stores worldwide to aid with the social distancing initiatives put in place by local governments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stores and offices are slowly beginning to open following the relaxation of rules around the globe.