How to collect every costume in Yoshi's Crafted World

One of the more distinctive features in Yoshi's Crafted World that hasn't been seen in prior Yoshi games is the addition of adorable costumes Yoshi can dress up. Like the rest of the game, these costumes appear to be made of craft materials like cardboard and paper, and are usually themed after certain aspects of the game's levels or its characters. They're not only stylish and cute, but they can protect Yoshi from damage as well!

As you play, you may find yourself wanting to collect more and more of these cute costumes for Yoshi. Most aren't too hard to find, but there are a few secret costumes that may elude you. Here's how to find all of the costumes in Yoshi's Crafted World:

What are costumes used for in Yoshi's Crafted World?

Yoshi's Crafted World features dozens of collectible costumes that Yoshi can wear as he hops through each level. The costumes are sort of aesthetically silly, but they provide protection for Yoshi from damage, both from enemies and the environment. Depending on the costume's rarity, it will protect Yoshi from more damage before breaking. Common costumes give three, rare give four, and super rare give five "shields" of damage before they break and leave Yoshi vulnerable. Don't be afraid to wear these costumes into levels though, because while a costume can be "destroyed" by enemies, it'll remain in your inventory for you to put back on when you exit the level.

Other than damage protection, costumes are just a fun collectible for you to pursue as you play.

Use the gachapon machines

The easiest way to get costumes (and, in fact, the method you'll use to get the majority of them) is through the game's gachapon machines located in the game's various "worlds." Each gachapon has ten costumes in it, and you'll get one for every use of the machine. Machines earlier in the game will cost 100 coins for a play, while later ones cost 150.

The good news about the gachapons is that while some costumes are "rare" or "super rare," you'll eventually get them all within ten tries. That's because the machine won't give you any duplicates ever, it will just keep dispensing a new costume until it's empty. So while you'll have to farm coins just a bit to collect them all, you won't have to grind through levels only to be rewarded with duplicates.

Almost every costume in the game is obtained through the gachapon machines, so get to work collecting those coins!

Use amiibo

A handful of costumes in Yoshi's Crafted World can be obtained by tapping amiibo. The game has a small number of compatible amiibo that will give unique costumes, and almost all other amiibo will give you an "amiibo box" costume if you don't already have one.

The following amiibo will give unique costumes:

  • Mario (any Mario amiibo will give the same costume)
  • Peach (any Peach amiibo will give the same costume)
  • Luigi (any Luigi amiibo will give the same costume)
  • Bowser (any Bowser amiibo will give the same costume)
  • Yarn Yoshi (each differently colored Yarn Yoshi gives a different color costume. Mega Yarn Yoshi gives the same Green Yarn Yoshi costume as its smaller counterpart)
  • Yoshi (a different costume than Yarn Yoshi)
  • Poochy
  • Toad
  • Koopa Troopa

Collect all Smiley Flowers

Between gachapon costumes and amiibo, you'll end up with all but one of the costumes available in Yoshi's Crafted World. The final costume is only available for those who go the extra mile to collect every single Smiley Flower in the entire game. That means all flowers contained within levels, the bonus Smiley Flowers from getting 100 coins, all hearts, and all red coins, the flowers obtained from finding all Poochy Pups in each level within the time limit, and the extra flowers from finding souvenirs.

With all these flowers in tow, you'll have 317 extra flowers once you've unlocked every area in the game. Deliver these to the NPC in Hidden Hills who is asking for them, and he'll give you the super rare Sundream Stone costume.

Where's that costume?

Looking for a specific costume in Yoshi's Crafted World? Let me know in the comments and I'll help you track it down!

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