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The Withings Move is an affordable analog watch with fitness tracking capabilities built-in. With it, you'll be able to track calories, steps, exercise, and even sleep, and it'll last 18-months on a single coin battery. While you could buy it in one of the five preset color options, you could customize it on their website to create a truly unique Withings Move that suits your personal tastes.

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Get moving: Withings Move ($70 at Amazon)

How to create a custom Withings Move

  1. Go to the Withings Move website on your desktop or mobile browser.
  2. Click on Customize.

    Withings Move custom creator

  3. Select the component of the Withings Move that you want to customize: Dial, Case, Activity Hand, and Wristband.

    • There are nine Dial options, four Case colors, 10 Activity Hand colors, and eight Wristbands.

    Withings Move custom creator dial options

  4. Once you pick an option for each component, click on Back to go back and select another part to customize.

    Withings Move custom creator back button

  5. Repeat this process until you're satisfied with your choice for each individual component.
  6. Click on Ideas in the top left corner to get a randomly generated customization option or choose from a preset.

    Withings Move custom creator ideas generator

  7. Click on Save to save the current customization so that you can just come back to it later.

    Withings Move custom creator save button

  8. Click on Reset to clear out all changes and start over from the beginning.

    Withings Move custom creator reset button

  9. Once you're satisfied with your custom creation, click on the Finish button in the customization view.

    Withings Move custom creator Finish button

At the moment, custom Withings Move can only be bought in Europe. If you're in the U.S., you can input your email address to get a notification when custom Withings Moves can be purchased. Custom Withings Move should be available sometime in May. While the Withings Move starts at $70, some custom components may raise the price slightly.

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Our top equipment picks

When you want an affordable and lightweight watch that tracks your activity, the Withings Move is a good option.

Affordable and stylish fitness tracker

Withings Move

Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish

The Withings Move is a lightweight analog watch that also has seamless fitness activity tracking built in. You can keep count of your calories, steps, exercise, and even sleep in this stylish and minimalistic watch. It also lasts for 18-months on a single coin battery.

We like the Withings Move because it's a simple analog watch that's stylish and minimal, while also giving us the basic functions of a fitness tracker without being overtly obvious. And having a whopping 18-month battery life? That's unheard of with most fitness trackers! And with all of these cool customization options on the Withings website, there is definitely a Withings Move for everyone.

Additional Equipment

If you want to accessorize your Withings Move even further, make sure to check out some band accessories for it.

Withings Leather Wristband ($50 at Withings)

Withings has a lot of different wristband options available for all of their watches. The Move is compatible with Steel and Steel HR bands, such as the classy leather wristband option. There are also more third-party options out there (make sure it's 18mm in width).

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