Withings Move on guy and girl wrists

Best Answer: The Withings Move watch face, with the case - is about 38mm or 1.5-inches. The minimum length of the watch bands is about 13cm, or 5.1-inches long. It is comparable to an Apple Watch, and should look fine with smaller wrists.

So, the Withings Move isn't too bulky?

Withings Move on swimmer's wrist

Not really! The Withings Move is pretty much just a typical analog watch that has built-in fitness tracking features. It's a unisex analog watch style, so it's relatively thin on the surface and it clocks in at only about 38mm total diameter for both the watch face and watch case.

Basically, think of the 38mm Apple Watch—it's very similar to that size, just round instead of square, so the Withings Move does not appear to be overtaking your small wrist. The casing is also made of plastic, so it's lightweight and it should sit comfortably on your wrist, regardless of size.

The minimum length of the Move wristband is also 13cm, which is about 5.1-inches. This should fit small wrists just fine, and it can actually fit on wrists up to 20cm, or 7.9-inches. With this in mind, the Withings Move is a good fit for those who have small to medium sized wrists.

An even slimmer option that you could also consider is the Fitbit Inspire HR. It's slimmer in size than the Withings Move, but it definitely looks more like a fitness tracker than a traditional analog watch. However, it has an LCD screen and also can track your heart rate with the HR version.

Can I change out the Withings Move band?

The band itself is about 18mm wide, so the Move works with any third-party band that is that width. In fact, you could even use bands designed for the Withings Steel and Steel HR 36mm without an issue on the Move.

Changing out the band from the default silicone wristband could give the Withings Move a classier look and feel, while still not being bulky or uncomfortable.

You can find all of Withings watch band options on their website.

As far as changing out bands, it's a super simple process that doesn't even require any tools. All you need to do is push on the quick release spring bars and you can change out the bands in a flash! Easy peasy, just like how easy it is for the Withings Move to track your calories, steps, exercise, and even sleep, all while lasting an entire 18 months on a single coin battery. All of this and it's still pretty small and stylish to boot.

Our pick

Withings Move

Small and stylish fitness tracker

The Withings Move is an excellent little fitness tracking watch that's highly affordable. It can track your calories, steps, automatic exercise, sleep, and it lasts a whopping 18-months on a single coin battery. The best part is that it is not too big or bulky, and is comfortable to wear with the option of changing out bands if necessary.

Heart rate monitoring

Fitbit Inspire HR

Slim, stylish, continuous heart rate tracking

The Fitbit Inspire HR is the latest tracker from Fitbit. It's slim and comfortable to wear. It doesn't look like an analog watch like the Withings Move, but it's a traditional fitness tracker. It counts your steps, calories, exercise, sleep, and has a rechargeable battery. It also has 24/7 continuous heart rate tracking as well, though you could get the version without it for cheaper.

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