How to easily re-size the link bracelet on your Apple Watch

Apple made it incredibly easy to swap bands on your Apple Watch, but they also made it amazingly simple to re-size the Link Bracelet. Almost anyone can do it on their own and in only a few minutes. No jeweler or special tools required!

Products used in this guide

  1. Remove your Apple Watch.
  2. Find one of the six links on the twelve o'clock or six o'clock side of your Apple Watch that has a button on the bottom.
  3. Press the button and pull on the band to separate the link.
  4. Press the button on the next link in the series to remove the previous link entirely.

Repeat the process, removing links evenly from both sides, until you achieve the perfect fit. In our experience, a little snug is better.

if you prefer a visual aid, here's a quick video that shows you the process!

Our top equipment picks

Because of its entry-level price for the most advanced features, the aluminum-bodied Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS is the best all-around model. It doesn't have cellular, but from our personal experience with all models of Apple Watch, the average user doesn't need cellular (we almost always bring our phones with us anyway). It's positioned as the Apple Watch that everyone can use without costing as much as one with more advanced features (or materials).

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