How to get all the iWork apps, iPhoto, and iMovie for free on an eligible iPhone or iPad

Apple recently announced that they would make the iOS versions of their iWork apps plus iPhoto and iMovie free for iOS 7 enabled devices that were purchased after September 1. That means you can download Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, and iMovie all for free. We've been getting lots of questions from many of you asking whether or not you qualify and if so, how to actually get your free apps.

Here are your answers:

Download them the first time you launch the App Store on your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The App Store should ask you to download all free apps made by Apple the first time you launch the App Store as long as you meet all the eligibility requirements. To do, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad
  2. On the popup that comes up, tap on Download All.
  3. Enter any credentials you're asked to enter concerning your Apple ID.

That's it. Your downloads will begin.

Find and download them manually in the App Store

If you aren't sure if you want or need all 5 apps, or you accidentally dismissed the popup the first time you launched the App Store on your new device, you can also view all of them in one place in the App Store by following these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. From the Featured tab, scroll down and tap on the New to the App Store? tile under Collections.
  3. Once again, scroll down towards the bottom and tap on the tile for Apps made by Apple.
  4. Here you can see a list of all the apps Apple makes. Tap any one of them to view more information on them or tap on the price to download them.

It's worth noting that Apple does move collections around here and there so if you aren't finding the Apps Made by Apple section, simply search for either Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, or iMovie individually to pull them up or tap on our download links below straight from your iPhone or iPad to download them directly.

Why do all the iWork and iLife apps still show they aren't free for me?

If you are seeing an actual price instead of Free next to any of the 5 apps Apple is offering for free, it means you don't meet the requirements for the promotion, which are as follows:

  • The device must have been purchased after September 1, 2013
  • iOS 7 must be running on the device you're attempting to download them to

Also remember that GarageBand is not included in the offer.

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  • I had bought all these long ago, but a nice bonus for those who just bought a new device. Once you "purchase" them from an eligible device, you are free to redownload onto any iOS device you own. My friend and my sister both confirmed after getting their new iPhones. Sent from the iMore App
  • Will they ever be free for people that have owned each iPad since the first one? I'm not sure why this is only free to new purchases.
  • is it "purchased after September 1, 2013" or "activated after September 1, 2013"?
  • Over in the iMore Forums, one user reported getting a replacement device and being able to get the iWork apps free...
  • Same here. My daughter's iPhone 5 needed replacement (thankfully still under warranty), and on her phone, all of the apps were availble for free. Since we share the same account, I'm able to download them for free too.
  • This is true.
  • If you have bought a new device or got a replacement after that date you can download It from that device and then it will save that purchase to your account so then you can download it on any other idevice that you have previously bought.
  • I bought my wife a 5c. I use my Apple ID for purchases on her phone as well as mine. I downloaded the free apps onto her phone which are not free on my 5. Once I downloaded them on hers I can download them on mine for free because it's under my Apple ID and it shows that I've already downloaded them. Sent from the iMore App
  • And, in case anyone was wondering, signing out of your iOS 7 device and performing a full erase or even a DFU-restore and starting fresh will not bring up that free Apple apps prompt nor make any of those apps free. I should know, I just tried to see for myself.
  • It popped right up on my 5S after I activated and went into the App Store. I only downloaded a few of the apps tho.
  • I'm using a 5s and it shows 4.99 etc. Does restoring from a backup matter or am I missing something obvious in the article?
  • I recently bought a iPod Touch 5th Gen which I restored from an iCloud backup, It showed the prices of the apps for a few days then showed as free; if it doesn't show as free after lets say 72 hours just call Apple or e-mail them a copy of your receipt/contract I'm sure they'll send them to you lol.
  • I talked with Apple support and here's what worked for me: go to settings - itunes and app stores, and sign out. Then go back to the App Store and search for one of the apps. They will list as free, and once you start the download it will ask you to sign in to associate it with your account. Just rinse and repeat!
  • Thanks Fornate. this worked for me too! try it out everyone!
  • Thank you so much for this info! Worked for me. I sure didn't want to have to pay for Numbers, but needed it. I just didn't like Gogle Quick Office.
  • Had same issue. Went to and registered my device to my iTunes account via serial number and bam, apps were now free. Sent from the iMore App
  • I find this completely bothersome though, since I paid for all these apps years ago. And now people get for free what I had to pay for! It's just not fair.
  • They could drop the price for the rest of us...
  • I already own them so whatever, but I did find it odd that they were only available for new users. A price drop would be nice to say half-price for existing users.
  • Why would you want a price drop? You already own the apps, it's not like you have to pay for them again. What Apple should do (but probably won't) is refund everyone that already paid for these apps. When the original iPhone had a price drop, they gave existing users a $100 refund, a similar deal should happen here.
  • They could give the rest of us a credit in the app store to get it or, for those who already own these, the template packages that are available for, say, Notes.
  • Surely you could go into the apple store, log in on a new iphone and download them?
    then go to your own and download them?
  • You could to that, but whatever poor slob eventually gets that as a refurb, then I'll bet they won't be able to download them...
  • Not true, you can download the apps as many times to as many accounts as you want. It just depends on the date the iPhone was sold or activated or whatever. Tried this on my 5S and it worked.
  • Hi, just created this account to add on to this information.
    If you bought the phone from someone else, received it as a hand me down, or whatever other method that was NOT a direct purchase; if the previous owner had the phone registered under their apple id, you cannot add it onto your apple ID for registered products, until the other person removes it from his account.
    Once that's done, you will then be able to add the phone to your apple id registered devices list. Sign out from the Apple Store on your iPhone, restart the device (not needed, but why not?), sign back to the apple store and the apps should show up for you as well.
    And if that didn't work for you, you'll have to contact apple (online or store), or give up and get another free alternative. If you already have a paid license of Office 2013+, you can also download it onto your phone for free (connect it to your windows machine for this to work. I haven't tried from a mac, yet).
  • Okay, not sure what I am doing wrong, but I bring up this story on my new 5s, and click the links and it opens the app store and shows the app page and has the costs shown? Not free? How do I reset it with Apple or complain?
  • On Mac or PC go to Log in to Apple ID management and register your phone via serial number. That's what I had to do. My phone wasn't showing up I assume because I restored from iCloud backup of my 4s so my contacts, settings and apps I needed would be there. It worked for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • so you could theoretically go visit a best buy factory reset a 5s/5c login with your apple credentials and download the i work apps and than re dl on an older device. I know im pushing the moral boundary here
  • Thank you for the info and clarification Ally. As always you come through. Good job.
  • It's 5$ people. Get over it.
  • 4.99
    = 5$? Maybe you should just spend your 5 bucks on a calculator.
  • I can download all of these to my iPhone 5S except for the one I really want - Pages. I click "Free" and it immediately transforms to "Install," but when I click on "Install" it immediately transforms to "Free," ad nauseum. it just will NOT install.
  • Thank you SOOOO much, Allyson! I immediately restored my new iPad from a backup of my previous iPad and missed the opportunity to download the apps for free. The second method worked like a charm!
  • What happens if I activate a new iPhone 5s with my Apple ID, and then later do a reset and activate the same phone with my wife's Apple ID - will she get the apps for free as well, or just me?
  • Well, those of us who have been left out in the cold by Apple do have a free alternative. Kingsoft Office works great both on the pc and iPad, has all three types of programs (word processing, spreadsheet (although you can't edit on the iPad with it yet) and slide presentation software). I use Dropbox to share docs between my pc and iPad - also free
  • I just bought my iPad Air. When I first logged into App Store it gave me an option to download these apps for free, but I couldn't at that time due to slow connection. Now, all those apps aren't free anymore. Does anyone knows a method to download those apps for free?