The Hermès Double Tour band gives your Apple Watch an iconic look but it comes at a pretty steep price. If you don't want to shell out that much for the official Hermès band (and who could blame you), some watch bands on the market offer the Hermès Double Tour look for a much lower price.

Valkit double tour Apple Watch band

Best for most: Valkit multi-color double wrap

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The Valkit double wrap is a super comfortable and sleek Apple Watch band that's ideal for day-to-day wear while still looking stylish enough to wear out on a night on the town. It's available for any version of the Apple Watch and comes in several different colors.

From $16 at Amazon
V-Moro Apple Watch band

Affordable: V-Moro Double Tour Leather Band

The V-Moro Double Tour Leather Band is a beautiful leather band that costs just a tiny fraction of the Hermès Double Tour Band. However, this one is only available for the smaller Apple Watch size.

$16 at Amazon
Max Joy Apple Watch Band Double Tour Leather

Colorful: Maxjoy Apple Watch Band

The Maxjoy Apple Watch Band is an appealing leather band that comes in both Apple Watch sizes and a couple of color options: the joyful orange shown here and a stunning dark blue.

$19 at Amazon
CASETiFY 2-in-1 Italian Leather Watch Band Kit

Two in one: CASETiFY 2-in-1 Italian Leather Watch Band Kit

You get two fashionable options with this premium Italian leather Apple Watch band kit. The double tour style band plus a regular single leather band are both included. Choose black, brown, or red in either Apple Watch size.

$100 at Casetify
Lucrin Double Tour leather band for Apple Watch

Luxurious: Lucrin Double Tour leather band for Apple Watch

Not inexpensive but still far less than the Hermés, this gorgeous luxury band is made from premium leather. You can choose from over 40 colors and several leather textures. You can even have it customized with a monogram if you like.

From $199 at Lucrin
MisterCrafter Leather Dual Tour Watch Band

Handmade: MisterCrafter Leather Dual Tour Watch Band

This handmade band is crafted from a single piece of genuine leather and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread. Choose from a variety of leather and hardware colors. You can also select a size for any Apple Watch. Plus, it offers customization options!

From $37 at Etsy

Don't break the bank: Find the perfect Double Tour band for less

These great bands all help you get the iconic Hermès Double Tour band look without breaking the bank. The Valkit multi-color double wrap gives you quite the bang for your buck, and the comfortable wear makes it ideal for the person on the go, whether it be at home, the office, a night out, or anything in between.

If you wanted more of a luxury wrap for your wrist, we have to suggest the Lucrin Double Tour leather band for Apple Watch. I own this band in two different colors, and it is just gorgeous. It might be much more expensive than the others, but it still comes in well under Hermés pricing and offers a more premium fit and finish than some of the other bands on the list. If you prefer the Hermès Single Tour band look, Lucrin has you covered there as well.

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