Apple Watch Hermès double tour unboxing and hands-on!

Double tour means the band wraps twice around the wrist. The result is something that looks both classic and out of the ordinary. Apple Watch Hermès, a partnership between the Cupertino technology and Paris fashion, offers the double tour for the 38mm casing in Fauve (brown), Etain (gray), Capucine (red), and Bleu Jean (blue). It, along with the single tour and cuff, launched today around the world. And we have it for you right here!

Our design director, David, and his partner, Amanda, got their hands on one in Miami and so, of course, went hands-on.

What'll you see is an experience orchestrated from orange bag to orange and black box to polished stainless steel and luxurious leather strap. It's all about the band and the brand here, with a look and feel any Hermès enthusiast will instantly know and love.

Apple Watch Hermés band

Apple Watch Hermés band (Image credit: iMore)

Best Leather Bands for Apple Watch

Best Leather Bands for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Hermes

Apple Watch Hermes (Image credit: Apple)

Video edited and narrated by Serenity Caldwell.

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  • BEYOND. I want this so badly. I hope it isn't just a limited edition and is a "permanent" offering. I can't believe it's not available in Dallas or Chicago, or online.
  • It really is a nice band. The New York store has it also if I'm not mistaken. This is something I could see myself splurging on :)
  • I want the 42mm Cuff version so badly. Was hoping David would be able to get me one, but alas... sold out. Apparently that's going to be the tough to find version. This one does look awesome though. Just not for my wrist.
  • A 42mm double tour would be so perfect. Sad it's only coming the 38mm variant.
  • The single brown band looks great. About the double bands I'm not sure, it looks stupid.
  • These are some awesome bands. However I'd rather spend a weekend in #nyc then buy one. Hopefully ebayll have some good knock offs soon. Looking at you china!!! lol
  • Weird - but that's fashion I guess Sent from the iMore App
  • Hey iMore, a giveaway for the Cuff would be so awesome!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • A giveaway of any of them would be awesome. I'd love to win a doubletour!
  • I really wonder how this Hermés watch band would work with the Watch upside down... Can the Watch be 'flopped' using this band?
  • The regular leather band looks nice, the cuff not so much. That double Arby's curly fry thing is just nasty as hell and can't imagine how this trend caught on at all.
  • What trend? One item does not constitute a trend. I wouldn't buy one, but choice is good.
  • Great comment, not to mention the price point for this band. It ranks up there with $18k Apple Watch, for the uber rich who have uber bad taste.
  • It must be nice not having arm hair long enough to go a quarter of the way across the aWatch screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • The double tour looks awfully nice, but I'm still partial to the cuff, if only because it reminds me so much of the watchband style that was so widely popular in the early 70s. Of course in those days it was everywhere, but usually in dark brown and more often black, usually with large metal rings woven into the band on either side of the watch as decoration, I guess. I think it would be a really boss way to show of the Watch!!
  • To each there own, but the double cuff looks awful to me. Apple needs to get out of the fashion business and concentrate on industrial design. I don't blame them for trying to use their name to branch out, but in my opinion it dilutes the core principles that made Apple great. I know this is said often, but I'm not sure we'd be seeing this stuff if Steve were still alive. Sent from the iMore App
  • That watchband looks uncomfortable. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple isn't in the fashion business. Hermes is. If you have a wife or girl friend you should already be familiar with Hermes and this style of band. This isn't a new style of band just for the Apple Watch either. It surely wasn't designed by Apple. Besides all this, Apple has always been highly design oriented. I don't see why that should change now.
  • WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ren sounds so posh.