Apple Watch Hermès double tour unboxing and hands-on!

Double tour means the band wraps twice around the wrist. The result is something that looks both classic and out of the ordinary. Apple Watch Hermès, a partnership between the Cupertino technology and Paris fashion, offers the double tour for the 38mm casing in Fauve (brown), Etain (gray), Capucine (red), and Bleu Jean (blue). It, along with the single tour and cuff, launched today around the world. And we have it for you right here!

Our design director, David, and his partner, Amanda, got their hands on one in Miami and so, of course, went hands-on.

What'll you see is an experience orchestrated from orange bag to orange and black box to polished stainless steel and luxurious leather strap. It's all about the band and the brand here, with a look and feel any Hermès enthusiast will instantly know and love.

Apple Watch Hermés band

Apple Watch Hermés band (Image credit: iMore)

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Apple Watch Hermes

Apple Watch Hermes (Image credit: Apple)

Video edited and narrated by Serenity Caldwell.

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