How to get the Apple Watch modern buckle look for less

The ultimate Apple Watch accessory is a gorgeous new band. We're all a little gaga for the modern buckle from Apple, but at $249.00 it's not the most wallet-friendly band you can buy. We have the insider scoop on how to get that modern buckle look for your Apple Watch for less.

Vitech modern buckle leather strap

This genuine leather strap from Vitech looks and feels like the real deal but for a fraction of the price. For $39.98, you can choose from seven color varieties. For that price, you may want to invest in a few colors!

The magnetic buckle is made of zinc alloy and the lugs that attach to the Apple Watch face are tight and secure. The leather is thin, soft, and easily mistaken at a distance or up close for the authentic article.

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FanTEK modern buckle

A quality alternative from a well-reviewed brand comes from FanTEK. Its version of the band comes in seven colors and sells for a reasonable $39.88.

The band is stretch-resistant, durable, and soft. It has the same milled appearance as the bands from Apple and has been a popular alternative since the release of the original.

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top4cus band

The modern buckle lookalike from top4cus comes with a one-year warranty, but you're not likely to need it. At $39.99, you have seven colors to choose from.

The bands clean well if they happen to get a little dirty, and the magnetic closure will keep it in place on the tiniest of wrists. Just be sure to select the size that's right for you before making your purchase.

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BRG Tech band

If you're looking to create a classic, feminine look for your Apple Watch, the modern buckle band from BRG Tech is simply lovely. The soft pink leather fits the 38mm Apple Watch seamlessly for only $39.99.

The color is one of the best matches for the original light pink modern buckle from Apple and it rarely needs to be swapped out for occasions or outfit matching because it goes with absolutely everything. It's a perfect gift for the Apple Watch owner in your life.

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Pinhen watch band

For as little as $32.00 and up to $39.99, the modern buckle bands from Pinhen offer several basic colors and quality metallic closures.

The fit is comfortable and the leather is high quality. The magnetic closure looks and feels like the original Apple Watch band, and it's just as solid and secure. It's even available in sizes to fit both the 38mm Apple Watch and the 42mm version — Apple's is only an option for the smaller Watch.

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Kartice watch band

Kartice offers an impressive variety of both watch bands but buckle options, too. There are 16 combinations of colored leather bands and a choice between silver or rose gold buckles, with combinations ranging from $38.99 to $43.99.

The leather is soft and durable, conforming a little more to your wrist with each wear. The zinc alloy metallic closure is secure and both the silver and rose gold are perfect matches for the Apple Watch case.

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Save on bands

If you're still not convinced that some of our picks can measure up to the original Apple Watch modern buckle, do a little side-by-side comparison for yourself. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Have you come across an inexpensive version of the modern buckle for your Apple Watch that you love? We want to know all about it! Tell us the details in the comments.

Christine Lachance