How to get the Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band look for less

RUOQINI Apple Watch Band Nylon Strap
RUOQINI Apple Watch Band Nylon Strap (Image credit: RUOQINI)

Apple's Woven Nylon band for Apple Watch is definitely a thing of beauty and minimalism, but Apple no longer sells this particular band. It's been replaced by the Apple Watch Sport Loop Band. But if you actually prefer the original style, we've rounded up some bands for you to consider, which costs even less than the original.

Which Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band alternative should you choose?

The WITHit Nylon Band for Apple Watch is a great alternative that looks quite a lot like the original Apple Watch band. You can find a variety of colors and sizes at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for about a third of the Apple version price.

if you're looking for something a bit different, I'd go for the Clockwork Synergy Perlon Watch Band. I own several Clockwork Synergy's bands, and this is the brand I recommend the most to my friends and family. While the bands are not super cheap, they are still substantially cheaper than Apple's, yet the quality is top-notch. While the Perlon style is probably the closest to woven nylon, Clockwork Synergy also makes NATO-style bands, canvas bands, and many other styles.

However, for just about half the price that it was upon release, you can still find the real Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band on eBay. You'll have to check around to find the color and size you want, and you'll want to shop carefully to be sure you know what you're getting. If you're all in on the newer Sport Loop style, we've got some nice Apple Watch Sport Loop style bands for you to check out.

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