How to get more Toad Rally tickets in Super Mario Run

Toad Rally is a very important part of the game if you want to unlock new buildings – and more importantly, new characters. But, it costs one Rally ticket to enter a race. You'll have to find ways to gather up more. Here is the path to Rally ticket heaven.

Complete Boss Trials the first time

The final level on all six worlds is a boss level. That is, you have to beat one, big baddie at the end. When you do, you'll be able to open a treasure chest that has 10 Rally tickets in it. Beat all six bosses for a total of 60 Rally tickets. Unfortunately, this only works the first time. When you replay a boss level, you earn coins instead.

Unfortunately, you can't play any boss levels all the way through to the end without ponying up $10 for the full game, so this one is only for premium players.

Play mini games

When you add a bonus house to your kingdom, you can play a mini game once every 8 hours. Mini games are games of chance. Open a door to follow a pathway that may or may not lead to a treasure chest that holds a Rally ticket. You can only play these games once every 8 hours, and you may not get a Rally ticket, but every little bit helps.

Everyone gets one bonus house at the beginning of the game whether you pay for the full version or not. Once you get a few Toads into your kingdom (tap on Toad Rally if you haven't yet, then tap back to get five free Toad Rally tickets to start), Toad will give you one bonus house. Add it to your kingdom to play the game of chance.

Win Toad Rally games

You may have to pay one Rally ticket to enter a race, but you can earn back what you paid, plus more, if you win a Rally. The key here is winning, though. If you lose, you don't get squat.

Everyone has the chance to win at Toad Rally. You don't have to pay for the game to earn extra tickets by winning. You just have to be better than your opponent.

Purchase the premium content

When you finally give in and buy the full game because you just know it's going to be worth it, you'll get 20 Rally tickets as a way of saying thank you for joining in the fun.

This one is obviously only for paying customers.

Collect all pink Challenge Coins on a level

If you collect all of the pink Challenge Coins on any level, your worthy efforts will be rewarded with two Rally tickets. Those Challenge Coins are not easy to come by, so feel good about your win.

You can play the first three levels for free, and collect all five of the pink Challenge Coins. So, without having to spend a dime, you can collect six more Rally tickets. If you do own the full game, you've got 48 Rally tickets to collect. So, get at it!

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