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The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp holiday event is here. There are new crafting items and a smart Santa suit to collect. We've got a lot of new festive items to collect before time is up!

Holiday Event Open!

A limited-time holiday event has begun!

If you fulfill requests for animals, you can get candy canes.

Collect enough and you can craft special holiday furniture.

Completing selected Timed Goals can unlock special holiday clothing, too!

Here's to a happy holiday season at your campsite!

The holiday event lasts 25 days and will end on Christmas Eve. The clothing items are available as rewards for timed goals. You can get them by completing such tasks as completing a certain number of requests for the animals or crafting specific holiday items.

Crafting holiday items cost Candy Canes and nothing else. You can get Candy Canes as a bonus for completing requests from your animal friends, or by completing timed goals in the game.

How to get the Santa suit

There are new crafting items and clothing as part of the holiday event. Clothing items are available as rewards for completing requests for the animals that visit your campground or are hanging out at your Campsite.

  • Santa pants - Complete 30 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa skirt - Complete 70 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa boots - Craft the Jingle checked rug
  • Santa coat - Craft the Jingle fence

How to stock up on Candy Canes to craft all the holiday furniture

You can earn Candy Canes in three ways. One is from completing requests for animals in the campground or your Campsite. Animals will give Candy Canes as a bonus item along with typical crafting materials. Candy Cane rewards appear to be random. Sometimes, you'll receive 1 - 6 Candy Canes for all three requests, but other times, you might complete 10 requests without a single Candy Cane. I use this time to cuss out my animal friends.

Another way to get big stacks of Candy Canes is to complete timed goals. Luckily, these particular timed goals last the entire 25 days. You don't have to complete them within one 24-hour period. Timed goals for Candy Canes are:

  • 20 Candy Canes - Complete 3 requests for visiting animals
  • 20 Candy Canes - Craft the Jingle checked sofa
  • 20 Candy Canes - Craft the Mountain of presents
  • 40 Candy Canes - Complete 10 requests for visiting animals
  • 40 Candy Canes - Craft the Jingle checked bed
  • 80 Candy Canes - Craft the Jingle snow globe
  • 80 Candy Canes - Craft the Festive streetlight

One of the best ways to earn large stacks of Candy Canes is when the Shovelstrike Quarry is offering them. You can earn anywhere from 13 - 34 Candy Canes from one trip to Shovelstrike Quarry. It appears that Candy Canes are offered as a reward a couple of times each day, so be sure to check back often.

Complete requests every three hours

Animals move in and out of the campground every three hours. That means five different animals appear "in the wild" (around the campground) requesting three tasks each, and three random animals at your campsite will request one task each. This will help you earn the timed goal quests and have a chance to get those bonus Candy Canes from animals.

I recommend setting an alarm (not while you're sleeping, of course) to remind you at each of the times below so you can log in and quest up.

  • 7AM ET
  • 10AM ET
  • 1PM ET
  • 4PM ET
  • 7PM ET
  • 10PM ET
  • 1AM ET
  • 4AM ET

Chat with animals in your Campsite every hour

In addition to completing quests every three hours, you can chat with the animals in your Campsite every hour. Some of them will randomly give you one material item. The rest will give you a sack of Bells. If your lucky, the Campsite residents will drop a Candy Cane in your lap.

The countdown to when you can talk to the animals in your Campsite again starts after you've talked with the first one.

If you're worried you'll forget, you can always set a timer to go off once per hour after you've spoken to the first animal in your Campsite

Stock up on fish, fruit, shells, and bugs

As many as you can hold in your item storage. If you're going to make it through all of those quests every three hours, you can't expect to just log in at 7AM and then again at 10AM and have all of the items that every animal will request. You'll have to keep the game going as often as you have time for. Every free moment should be spent grinding (AKA: farming) for items that animals will ask you for.

It's important to have a balanced item storage box. If you have too many Olive Flounders and very few Peaches, you're going to be up a creek without a paddle. Try to make sure you have a lot of everything, even if it means selling 10 of those Crucian Carps back to the in-store market for a measly 10 Bells each.

Fruit is the most difficult to stock up on in ACPC, especially peaches and pears. There's only one tree each of those. Now is the time to check your friends' market boxes and see if anyone is selling off some fruit. Stock up on nature's candies because you'll be giving them all away again to animals after the next campground turnaround.

PSA: Do your friends a favor and list some of those extra peaches and pears you've got lying around. It'll make them so happy.

Your suggestions?

How are you planning for the next Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp event? Put your suggestions in the comment so we can all learn some new tricks.

Originally written Nov. 28. Updated Nov. 30 to reflect the actual event content.

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