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How to have the perfect socially distant picnic

Toa Heftiba Yote8 Zy2ec Unsplash Picnic Hero
Toa Heftiba Yote8 Zy2ec Unsplash Picnic Hero (Image credit: @heftiba /

Social distancing doesn't have to mean "no socializing at all," if you're careful. If you stay outdoors, keep your distance, and avoid sharing food or supplies, you can have a fun picnic while minimizing risk. Here are the items you need to have a fun but socially distant picnic.

What do you really need?

Keeping a distance from your friends isn't everyone's favorite thing to do, but it's a must if we want to stay safe while socializing. Please wear a mask when possible, but of course, you can't eat in a mask. A picnic is an ideal way to break bread with friends because you're outdoors, you can space yourselves out, you can eat individually packed meals, but you can still have fun.

The Lazybare Picnic Backpack (opens in new tab) is an excellent item to have, especially if you're packing a meal for a household of about four people. It has everything you need to lay out a classy spread.

Folding chairs like the Coleman Cooler Quad Chair (opens in new tab) are a must, even if there are picnic tables. They allow you to spread out comfortably anywhere, anytime, whether you're in the woods, at the beach, or in your driveway. While the four-pack cooler isn't an essential for everyone, it's a nice touch to keep your beverages cool for the duration of your outing.

You've got to have tunes, right? Sure, you can just play music on your iPhone, but if you really want your jams to carry, you need a good portable speaker. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 (opens in new tab) is the perfect picnic companion with its diminutive size and outsized 360-degree sound. It's even got that outdoor boost button so that everyone can hear it.