How to keep your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers from hurting your hands

How to Deal with Loose Joy-Cons Hero
How to Deal with Loose Joy-Cons Hero (Image credit: iMore)

I've expressed my feelings before about just how much I love the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch. The freedom to have your hands in whatever position you want really makes a difference in how long you play a game before the pain and cramping of being completely stationary sets in. For me, personally, the Joy-Cons are not to small. They're just the right size.

That being said, when I play multi-player Mario Kart and have to hold just one Joy-Con with both hands in sideways mode, my pinky finger starts to cramp up pretty darn fast. They're just not designed for comfort, especially when held sideways.

Whether your hands are big or small, whether the Joy-Cons fit just right or feel awkward, there's definitely room for improvement when it comes to ergonomics. Sure, you could just buy a Pro Controller or use the Comfort Grip, but that ruins the fun of being able to adjust your position from the handcuffed single-unit controller.

Instead, try an ergonomic slip case for your Joy-Cons. Here are some of the best ones on the market.

How do you deal with Joy-Con discomfort?

Do you use a particular ergonomic cover for your Joy-Cons or do you just always use the Pro Controller? Let us know how you deal with Joy-Con pain.

Updated May 2018: Added AmazonBasics, GameSir, and Nyko grips.

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