How long is Bowser's Fury?

Super Mario 3d World Lake Lapcat
Super Mario 3d World Lake Lapcat (Image credit: Nintendo)

How long is Bowser's Fury?

Best answer: According to several people who have previewed Bowser's Fury, it takes about three hours to beat the game or six hours if you want to 100% complete it. You'll spend your time running around various islands and collecting Cat Shines as Cat Mario with Bowser Jr. at your side.Co-op chaos: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (opens in new tab) ($60 at Best Buy)Fury unleashed: Bowser amiibo (opens in new tab) ($13 at Best Buy)

A new adventure

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is a re-release of the 2013 Wii U game Super Mario 3D World, which lets up to four players rescue Sprixies that Bowser abducted from The Sprixie Kingdom and eventually confront the King of the Koopas. Nintendo is also adding on a new segment of gameplay called Bowser's Fury which it describes as a "short, but action-packed standalone adventure."

Bowser's Fury is set in Lake Lapcat, a cat-themed open-world area where Mario must travel to various islands collecting Cat Shines used to reignite lighthouses to illuminate darkened areas of the map. He'll be accompanied by Bowser Jr., who wants to calm his dad down. Two players can team up, with one controlling Bowser Jr.

The goal is to collect the Giga Bell, an upgraded version of the Super Bell that turns Mario into Cat Mario, which will transform Mario into Giga Cat Mario. This leonine form is capable of fighting the monstrous Fury Bowser head-on. Thing is, the Giga Bell can only be unlocked by collecting Cat Shines and freeing lighthouses around the map.

How long is Bowser's Fury?

A few people have already been able to preview Bowser's Fury and have reported that it takes roughly three hours to beat the game. However, if players are out to 100% complete the smaller game it reportedly takes about six hours total. That's pretty good for being a short standalone game.

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Players will spend their time collecting the 100 Cat Shines and traveling around to various islands on the map. This won't always be a peaceful thing as Fury Bowser attacks somewhat frequently.

Amiibo enabled

Super Mario 3D World works with all amiibo, but two of them have special functions in Bowser's Fury. Using Bowser will cause Fury Bowser to appear while Bowser Jr. will unleash a powerful shockwave that knocks out nearby enemies and blocks. Nintendo is re-releasing the Bowser and Bower Jr. amiibo alongside the game, so be sure to preorder Super Mario World + Bowser's Fury before its February 12 release.

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