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Best answer: Custom designed Converse usually take two to three weeks to arrive. However, Converse has also been experiencing the same delays in shipping and manufacturing that so many are facing due to the pandemic. While the site will estimate a delivery date, depending on where you live and when you place your order, there will likely be delays.

Pride 2020

Custom Inspirations

Converse PrideSource: Converse

Although part of the fun of ordering Converse are the custom options, there are several "Custom Inspirations" this year that will likely arrive sooner than fully customized shoes. This year's line also features several designs that aren't customizable, including sequins! If the potential delays for custom kicks bum you, maybe take a look at the full Converse 2020 Pride line.

Sold out?

Don't worry if an item is listed as sold out. It's only temporary. Converse limits its custom orders to 400 pairs a day for each cut, and they restock supplies daily. If the cut you want isn't there today, it should be back tomorrow.


Once your shoes are designed, and you are ready to order, it tends to take two to three weeks for them to arrive at your door. However, even without a global pandemic slowing manufacturing and shipping, Converse has been known to experience slight delays during busy times. Because the Pride collection is only available for a limited time, there are usually delays ordering these shoes. Last year, the average was about a month.

Your estimated delivery date can be found on the right side of your shipping page (where you first enter your address), just under the image of your shoes, and it will be included in your confirmation email. Shipment tracking is available for registered users and Converse has a page to check your order status.

Our favorite cut

Converse Custom Pride Chuck Taylor All Star By You Unisex High Top Shoe Pan

Custom Pride Chuck Taylor All Star by You

Even more options for Pride

You can't go wrong with the classic cut and comfort of the Chuck Taylor All Star high top. While customization is an option, you might not need it because these Chucks also have five Custom Inspirations featuring different identity flags. Take your pick from Non-binary, Transgender, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Asexual Pride flags for the look that showcases your Pride!

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