Apple has finally announced the AirPods 2. Like the first version, these earbuds are only available in one color, white. To customize your truly wireless headphones to match your (PRODUCT)RED iPhone (or another color), consider one of these solutions.

It's all here: Colorware red painted AirPods 2

If you have yet to purchase your new AirPods, Colorware is perhaps the way to go. The company meticulously paints a new set of buds, as well as the charging case, in any color you choose. Colorware's "Formula" red is a near perfect match for the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone, but there are a couple of different red options to make it you're own. Choose from gloss, matte, or metallic. You can even make the AirPod buds and charging case three different colors.

Colorware offers AirPods with the traditional charging case starting at $299 and $339 for a pair with the 2019 wireless charging case. For either choice, you're paying a premium of $140 for the coloring. If you only want to purchase the wireless charging case (yes, it works with the first-gen AirPods too), you can do so for $129 through Colorware.

starting at $299 at Colorware

Cheaper alternative: AirPod Skins

You don't have to be a Canadian to love this white and red color combination. For around $10, you can change the color for each AirPod base to red (or another color) with ease. The adhesive wrap is applied around the AirPods like a sticker. There is a slight arc upward on the sides, for effect, but it's otherwise a straightforward application.

$10 at Amazon

Change the case: Protective Silicone AirPods Accessories Kit

This solution doesn't technically change the color of each AirPod, but it's worth considering nonetheless. For under $10, you can purchase this kit that includes a premium silicone case and a carabiner. Besides red, this product is available in nearly 30 additional colors.

$9 at Amazon

For something completely different: DIY with electronical tape

If you don't want to spend the money and have a knack for home crafting, you should check out iMore connected tech editor Mikah Sargent's fantastic article about how to personalize your AirPods with a bit of DIY action.

With an Exacto knife and a steady hand, you can make red AirPods for the price of a roll of red electrical tape.

DIY AirPod customization

If you're willing to splurge on your new set of AirPods, you can't go wrong with Colorware. This all-in-one solution is guaranteed to turn heads, regardless of the colors you choose. The other three options, like the DIY solution, are much less expensive but still worth considering.

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