How much faster is Touch ID on the iPhone 6s?

Some folks are still eagerly awaiting their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus deliveries, while others have yet to decide whether they want to pick up the phone. Regardless of your iPhone 6s-less state, one of the big questions we've heard lately is about Touch ID: Is it really twice as fast as the iPhone 6?

Answer: With few exceptions, yes!

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The video above shows three different Touch ID tests I ran my iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 through.

The first test involves putting a fingerprint on the sensor after the screen is already on. The 6s did dramatically better than the 6 in all my tries, frequently arriving on the Home screen two and three times as fast as the iPhone 6.

For the second test, I turned on my iPhone 6s and 6 by pressing the Home button and keeping my finger on the button. The 6 actually comes remarkably close to the 6s in this test, lagging only a few milliseconds behind.

The final test, however, is the kicker: Again, I started with my device off and woke it with the Home button, but this time, I immediately lifted my thumb and then replaced it. On the third test, every single time I woke my 6s with the Home button—even if I barely put my thumbprint on it—the phone immediately went to the home screen. The 6 never triggered directly to the Home screen from a wake press; I had to rest my thumb several seconds more to get it to register.

Just early tests, and we'll do more thorough ones in the weeks to come. But in short: New Touch ID? Fast. Very fast.

Serenity Caldwell

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